6.0 America has some serious balancing issues on uptiers

This is becoming a regular thing. 6.0 America being swarmed by TIger II (H), Jagdtigers, and ferdinands. Tigers, tiger 2P, and panthers are understandable because there are a balanced number of tanks that can fight them head on and the others can flank. The other tanks mentioned above however, only the m36 can pen from the front. That means anyone at 6.0 not using that tank has no other option BUT flanking when playing america. Yes you can fire to disable, but that doesnt end up working too well when you are fighting groups of those tanks, which is the majority of the encounters. Through lots of effort, i manage to flank quite a few of these, but it doesnt last because by the time i make that flank, 5 of our teammates have been killed.

During normal matches that are only partial uptiers or at 6.0, there is no problem, you have a balanced way to fight.

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Oh boy you should have seen the good old days when we had basic M4s to fight Tiger 1s - no such luxury as the 76mm gun in the lineup. Only way to get about with ease was the M18 & flank or just, well, flank anyways.

Same time, that is the beauty of the game - play each nation to it’s strength. Imagine all the nations were the same and played the same.

Just bite through till you get to 6.7 - very strong tier for the US. We will see you back here to complain when you hit 7.3 US - trust when I say it gets better again at 7.7 and US 8.3 is just a dream.


A bunch of vehicles got moved up from the mid tiers, while heavies around 6.7 and 7.0 stayed put. This produces the issues you’re describing. If you send those heavies up, however, they will face cold war stuff again, which is not fun.

… In other words, this is a classic problem of BR compression. We need global decompression by like 0.3 or 0.7 to start spreading out the vehicles a bit more and then go from there.

When I’m playing the Jagdtiger, it’s unfair that a 75mm Jumbo has to face me. But in turn I shouldn’t have to fight the VIDAR either.

Trust me, 6.0 Germany has similar problems against 6.7 US. It’s just an unfortunate side effect of the last round of BR changes.

We’ll see what the next round of changes is like. It should be pretty soon, too.

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I strongly recommend you get the M41A1 and M109 at 6.3 and play that BR instead.

Both of those invalidate armor factor entirely.

Normally I’d also recommend the M26 for 6.3 lineup, but it was moved up to 6.7. (It’s irrelevant now)

I actually think in that BR range, 6.0 to 7.0, Germany and the US are bizarrely similar. You start with a very diverse, jack of all trades lineup that is super fun to play but suffers from compression, and struggles to deal with the opposing lineup right above, which is full of heavies; and you get a bunch of tank destroyers and the occasional postwar vehicle to bypass armour entirely. Then you progress to the heavies themselves which are also super fun to play and in a pretty good spot compared to the past, but you club a bit too much in downtiers.

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I stayed at 5.7, where it does not matter if you are at 5.7 or get +1.0 to 6.7. Depending on the map and BR you take out either a Jumbo, M18 or M36B2. If you die you can supplement with a whole range of aircraft.

The next logical step is 6.3/6.7 as mentioned above.