5 cm Pak 38 L/60 auf Sd.Kfz.231 (8-Rad) (Serie 2.)

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I would like to suggest this unique field mod of a early Sd.Kfz.231 (8-Rad) of the Serie 2. (as it still has the early vision slits, however also the 10mm Extra Hull shield)

It would offer a fast and moderatly armored but realtively powerfull armed vehicle that could go fast into position and leave fast (forwards and backwards same speed) and a 3rd Variant of the 231 (8-Rad) based vehicle which where of the 2nd Generation of armored cars (the 231 (6-Rad) was the first and the 234 was the 3rd) of armored cars along the normal 2 cm armed 231 (Serie 5.) and 7,5 cm L/24 armed 233 (Serie 3.) with a dedicated AT gun. It would also show the need of the german army to reuse and modfie everything at hand to fill new and needed rolls.

The modifiecation was made by some Fieldshop in Africa and later captured and disassabled by the british (Seen on Picture 2, where they use a 8,8 cm Flak as a DIY crane). It was propably build using a damaged 231 (8-Rad) after it suffered critical damage to the turret and as such it was replaced with a spare (possibly also damaged to the wheels) 5 cm Pak 38 L/60, by simply placing it on the hull, as this offers FAR greater firepower against tanks in the far and open lands of africa and can also be a great threat against british heavy tanks, far beyond the capability of the original 2 cm gun.
Another posibility is, that cince it is a Serie 2. and they had gotten improved Serie 3. or newer vehicles this was seen as outdated and was as such improved without beeing damaged in the first place.

Pictures:(Click to show)


A bit better quality, but with Copy Protections

The Gun:
5 cm Pak 39 L/60 (and possibly the crews Mg 34 over the shield)
-8° to +27° Elevation, 65° Traverse, 2x 8mm with 25mm space shield
Ammo: (Click to show)

5 cm Pzgr 39 (APC) 2,06 kg 835 m/s 106mm/10m


5 cm Pzgr 40 (APCR) 0,9 kg 1180 m/s 137mm/10m


5 cm Pzgr 40/1 (APCR) 1,07 kg 1130 m/s 130mm/10m


5 cm Sprgr. 38 (HE) 1,82 kg 870 m/s 200g Fp.02 und Np.10 (256g TNTa) 12mm/10m


Optionally also the 5 cm Stielgranate 41 (adapted 3,7 cm Stielgranate 41) Same performance as the 3,7 cm Stielgranate 41, just with higher velocity of 160 m/s, this would give it some extreme Derp firepower

Heat-FS 15 cm 8,5 kg 2,514 kg Füllung 95 / Hex 60/40 (60% Hexogen 40% TnT) 160 m/s 180mm/30°/all distances


The Vehicle:
Sd.Kfz.231 (8-Rad) (Serie 2.)
Dimensions: 5,85 m / 2,2 m / 2,35 m
Weight: 8 t (+ 1 t gun)
Engine: Büssing NAG Gs 180 V8 180 Ps / 3000 Rpm
Speed: 100 km/h (forwards and backwards)
Gunshield: 2x 8mm with 25 mm space
Lower hull front: 14,5 + 10mm by 50 cm space
Upper hull front: 14,5 mm
Sides and back 8mm

Geschossringbuch I
Merkbl.geh. 28/1 Zusammensetzung der Explosivgewichte für deutsche Munition
Munition der 5 cm Pak 38
Sd.Kfz.231 (8-Rad) Manual
Thomas L.Jentz schwere Panzerspähwagen Sd.Kfz.231 (8-Rad) and 223


+1 Was hoping this one would finally get suggested.

+1 at tech tree 2.7 br, this is basically a poor mans pak puma. Since the Puma is moving to 3.7, lower ranks need a fast and mobilt anti tank vehicle.

Its moving to 3.7
Tho, this thing in comparisson has no 360° turret, and on the top hull only 14,5mm armor, not to mention the thinner gunshield. I dont think 2.7 is all that good.

corrected, I meant to say 3.7