5 cm Pak 38 L/60 auf Pz I Ausf.B

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I would like to suggest the 5 cm Pak 38 L/60 auf Pz I Ausf.B, it is not completly clear if that is the planned upgunning of Pzj I Ausf.B or simply 2 Field Workshop modifications of at least 2 Pz I Ausf.B, as seen on the picture.
They appear to be in russia around 1941-1942.
As visible on the picture and drawing they are a rather simple conversion of a turretless Pz I Ausf.B with the Pak 38 mounted on top, the back plate removed and the ammo stored in its wooden standart containers stacked on the back (with possibly more under the gun internally stored like on Pzj I Ausf.B.

The reason for such a modification is simple for multiple reasons:

  1. Field AT guns are difficult to move around, especially if horse drawn and are easy to bug down and often cant keep up with the forward moving infantry and other units.
  2. After the successes of the Pzj I Ausf.B, it was however seen that the 4,7 cm Pak (t) L/43,4 (Sfl.) was slowly getting less effective against the heavyer tanks, as such upgunning to the more powerfull against tanks and infarntry 5 cm Pak 38 L/60 would be a logical reason, as it both has higher velocity with more penetration as well as more powerfull He rounds.
    3.The Pz I Ausf.B itself was allready outdated, as such mounting any available and fitting gun will absolutly increase its service life, with beyond the Pzj I Ausf.B there are also other field mods in existens with 3,7 cm Pak L/45 and other guns.

In game this could be placed at 1.7 and be the next improvement over the Pzj I Ausf.B, with a bit less protection (2x 8mm spaced plates instead of the 14,5mm/30° armor plate and less side armor as well as the ammo simply beeing on the engine deck however more firepower. It would be a fun tank as its rather small, mobile with a effective and fun gun, currently in its Pak 38 form rather underrepresented while IRL it served alongside its bigger brother the Pak 40 effectively until the wars end as well as beeing produced in great numbers.

Pictures:(Click to show)


The Gun:
5 cm Pak 39 L/60 (and possibly the crews Mg 34 over the shield)
-8° to +27° Elevation, 65° Traverse, 2x 8mm with 25mm space shield

48 rounds stored on the engine deck, unknown amount in the hull (easily another 24 rounds).

Ammo: (Click to show)

5 cm Pzgr 39 (APC) 2,06 kg 835 m/s 106mm/10m


5 cm Pzgr 40 (APCR) 0,925 kg 1180 m/s 137mm/10m


5 cm Pzgr 40/1 (APCR) 1,07 kg 1130 m/s 130mm/10m


5 cm Sprgr. 38 (HE) 1,82 kg 870 m/s 200g Fp.02 und Np.10 (256g TNTa) 12mm/10m


Optionally also the 5 cm Stielgranate 41 (adapted 3,7 cm Stielgranate 41) Same performance as the 3,7 cm Stielgranate 41, just with higher velocity of 160 m/s, this would give it some extreme Derp firepower

Heat-FS 15 cm 8,5 kg 2,514 kg Füllung 95 / Hex 60/40 (60% Hexogen 40% TnT) 160 m/s 180mm/30°/all distances


The Vehicle:
Pz I Ausf.B
Armor: 8-13mm
Gunshield: 2x 8mm plates spaced by 25mm air
Speed: 42 Km/h
Engine: 100 Ps
Weight: 5,8 ton

Geschossringbuch I
Pz I Ausf.B Manual
Private Gallery
Munition der 5 cm Pak 38


Panzerjager 1 with more gun traverse = Support

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And Power.