5.0s in Golden bay, 7km spawn-spawn, is a joke

People rightly complain that BBs spawn within spitting distance, but it’s not a problem confined to the heavies.

Golden bay Bluewater spawns are around 7km apart, a couple of km too close Imo for any DDs let alone the heavy DDs and Light Cruisers and yet…

Right now you can at least HE them with a chance of success but once fixed a mass of US 4.7/5.0 will be simply impossible in such confined space. I’ve also noted a couple of other places the BR limit appears to be raised, and I wonder if it’s happened in other places I haven’t visited much.

Yet another great game change!

When introduced golden bay was available even on battleships. I liked it, and I still like if today, it is nice difference from plenty of overextended and weirdly designed maps.

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Golden Bay has always been a joke no matter the BR imo (I mostly play 2.0-4.0) as cqc fights are evil especially when you can from the small craft spawns drop arty on the spawns from the other spawns & the north side large craft spawn is essentially screwed by the map layout an forced one direction while the south side can spread out to combat the north.

I would ban this map yet another map is worse imo.

Sidenote I swear every time I get this map an there’s a botter Mustuki/Fidonisy class destroyers they seem to have their aimbot cranked up a few notches as they hit every shot but that might be conformation bias for me.

7km is basically the upper limit of where I want to be in DDs, so it works for me. :P

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