4th gens and Fox-3s

They would have too. The F-15 would be the Fox 3 slinger option for Japan and Israel for the immediate future.

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a pre production EFT with worse engines would be unarmed, not have radar, rwr or the likes…

it had a pd radar
im not on about the EAP

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Germany needs such an aircraft, otherwise Tranch 1 does not have assault weapons.

The IPA7 is also a pre-production aircraft and was the first Eurofighter fighter to fly in the Tranche-2 standard. It has been used to test a 500-pound sidewalk, a MAW system, and since 2012 also for software testing. At the end of 2013, it was first used to test the compatibility of the Taurus with the Eurofighter, and in 2014 it was first used with the 2 Taurus (KEPD 350). It is also the Eurofighter that was used to test the AMK or the aerodynamic modification kit, which is said to significantly enhance the maneuverability of the Eurofighter and especially the capabilities of the AoA. Unfortunately, no one has yet



the first EF to fly with an ECR-90 radar was the DA5.

DA 1 and DA 2 were both for flight control testing, nothing more.
DA 1 had carried dummy IRIS-T missiles(after getting the EJ 200) and never got a radar, rwr, irst, mws, or countermeasures.

if you do have sources stating that it did carry them i’d really like to see them

did you not read the post i sent

All Pre production Eurofighters carried ECR-90 Radar at some point in their life and ALL took part in weapons trials DA.1 performed IRIS-T trials much later in life under the flag of Spain (iirc) whilst the DA.2 took part in ASRAAM trials and flight performance trials

DA.2 also frequently carried AIM-9Ls and tested with them also



DA.2s first flight, note the AIM-9Ls on the wingtips


DA.2 taxiing at RAF Marham, again note AIM-9Ls on the wings

DA.2 with AIM-9Ls and AMRAAMs

I wouldn’t be particularly concerned about ground attack capabilities, since ground BRs only go to 11.7 anyways. Precision munitions are not exactly the most useful in ARB.
I used Tranche 1 so that Tranche 2 can be introduced as the first model with IRIS-T.

im just gonna talk about the DA1 here because i have not done research on the british variants

the DA1 carried IRIS-T, yes. However these were dummies and captive missiles that were not launched as this aircraft was for flight tests, not weapon tests. it also did flight tests with asymmetric a2g loadouts and did not release those either. the first test firing were done using the DA7


i have yet to see an indication that the DA1 carried a radar.

well from the research I did on the DA.2 for the suggestion whilst not equipped with radar initially it was very soon refitted with it as it became available, DA.1 may never have as I never saw the need for in depth research into a variant I wasn’t making a suggestion about, however the DA.2 did take part in ASRAAM firing tests and was fully capable of carrying and firing ASRAAM, AIM-9 and AMRAAM (technically sky flash as well but never tested at all)

DA.2 went through a wide series of Refits and upgrades throughout its life with it getting the ECR-90, EJ-200 Engines and a ton of pressure sensors for airframe tests

Tornado on the tops against the Soviet air defense and others in general is extremely unrealistic to play

do you have a source for the specific asraam firing?
all i could find myself was also “captive flight trials”…
hell, the rafmuseum only lists “Conducted captive flight trials with MBDA ASRAAM air - air missile” and nothing about radars…

While I don’t have a link I had asked some staff at the RAF Museum at Hendon last year and they said that the DA.2 had conducted ASRAAM firing trials, and they listed their Records as source, i just didnt have time to dig through them all to find it.

Even if they were wrong the DA.2 carried a full avionics suite and was more than capable of firing them.

and about the radar?

same situation. i can find information about the ECR90 being installed in the DA5, then in the DA4 and even the DA5 carrying the CEASAR AESA variant…

again the same thing, the RAF Museum Hendon said it had gone through various upgrades and had been fitted with the ECR-90 in an early upgrade

anyway this is all off topic for here so if you want to continue I suggest we take it somewhere else or end it here

Su-27SM and I believe the MiG-29SMT can both carry up to x6 R-77

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M2K can carry 6x MICA

im just gonna leave this here at DA1 would be unreasonable.
DA2 is likely a different story but i’ll discuss that in that suggestion post…

add the F-4F ICE you forgot it. It was the first Plane Germany had that used AIM 120s together with the Radar of the F18 Hornet


if we talk about the German version it also had AIM 9 I-1 with a new seaker from Diehl thats about the same as the one on the 9M and i think the UK tested that missile aswell… the I-1 is a 9L with a newer seaker btw