40 second to repair 250lb bomb

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The radar guided 7.7 SPAA work just fine for killing CAS. Below that it is more challenging, but not impossible.

True that’s why it’s available on US, Russia, Sweden.

I’m glad three nations in the game are capable of playing at 7.7 in the current game balance.

How common is it to see them all on one team with none of them on the other? One of those nations on a team means the team has a chance to counter CAS, it is just up to those players to do so. This CAS “issue” is a player issue, not a game issue.


How common is it for people to play SPAA before radar SPAA? probably 1/10 players

How many of those people actually use them as SPAA rather than as light tanks? probably another 1/10

So 1/100 players is a good guess

Yes, which is why restricting access to CAS for the BR range is the solution. It would stop players from playing CAS.

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You are simply playing the wrong nations.

You are blaming simply the wrong people.

The players with the issues aren’t the CAS players, it’s the 99/100 players that don’t play SPAA. It says that Warthunder has combined game modes where tanks and planes fight each other on the main page, if you expect anything else than that you are delusional. They shouldn’t (and probably won’t) change the entire premise of the game because some people are upset about CAS. Adapt or leave, simple.


why are you repairing bombs? faulty ordnance?


oh boy another copium infused CAS thread

inconsiderate take, put in suggestions unless your whole point is to be dumb. (also, FLY A PLANE)

  1. MOST IMPORTANT - do NOT start shooting at a plane from a billion kilometers away. You will not hit it, you will reveal your position and the fact that you’re aware of the plane’s presence. If you do this, the pilot will either actively avoid you or plan an approach against you using terrain features.

  2. Move away, but not too far away from the spawn. This is especially relevant at GBU-tiers where pilots will instantly check the enemy spawn(s) with the targeting pod. An SPAA sitting on the edge of the map will catch 95% of pilots off-guard.

  3. Don’t get tunnelvisioned on a single target. If you see a plane flying far away, just keep an eye on it and look around more. This way you always have situational awareness and won’t die to a plane somwhere off to the side just because you weren’t looking at it.

  4. Increase your attention span. If a plane went behind a mountain and you didn’t see it crashing in chat logs, it hasn’t disappeared, it’s still there. Most of my time flying if I get targeted by an SPAA I simply hide behind terrain, and, 5 seconds later, I see the SPAA completely forgetting about me and shooting at one of my teammates, leaving an easy kill (see point 3)

Feel free to copypaste this into any other CAS cope threads


What a brilliant excuse. Why play the nations found ingame! Only play the right nations!

Man I hate fighting against GBUs at… 5.7?

That’s my point. If there isn’t SPAA to counter CAS then why is CAS found ingame? Disable CAS from 5.0-8.0 until all nations have been given functional SPAA.

All CAS threads are filled with copium. It’s the only way to justify a blatantly overpowered mechanic. Ground vehicles will always lose against planes, this is even true in real life. The question isn’t whether the overpowered mechanic is balanced, it’s whether it should be included.

You’d think so with how many tanks can absorb multiple tons of TNT but the reality is just Gaijin’s inability to code.

The 7.7 SPAA are functional. The lower BR SPAA just require more skill and experience than the radar guided or missile SPAA.

I wish my US, Sweden, Russian 7.7 Radar SPAA could be played on Germany, Italy, China, Britain, or France.

I also forgot Israel has the Hovet but their player count isn’t very high so for the purpose of general SPAA for defending the team it’s not really relevant.

I also wish my 7.7 SPAA could be played at 5.0 unfortunately that’s not possible. So we’re still left with a gap from 5.0-6.7, and maybe at 6.7 if you’re lucky enough to be matched with US / Russia / Sweden / Israel and 1 / 100 of their players chooses to play SPAA as SPAA you might benefit from air cover.

Unfortunately for 99.9% of games that’s not what happens.

I gotta say mate, I think what your talking about is a non-issue.
Of all nations to regard as having bad spaa - Germany is not the one!
Germany has great spaa.

If anyone needs more its USA, not Germany.

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When you play SPAA, you are mostly free foods for MBTs, some even drive all the way to your spawn just to kill you in your SPAA lol