4,2 cm Pak 41 L/55 auf Bedford MW

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I would like to suggest the unique repear shop made Bedford MW with a 4,2 cm Pak 41 L/55 placed on it and reinforced with armor plating.

Sadly there isnt any more info about that specific vehicle other than 2 picture with the gun visible on the back, with armor plating around the wheels and the visibly long and conical barrle. And another towing it behind it

Pictures: (Click to show)




The 4,2 cm Pak 41 L/55 was a squesse bore development along the 2,8 and 7,5 cm guns based on the Gelrich principal and was placed into the 3,7 cm Pak 36 carrage. Its production started in December 1941 and ended in June 1942 with a total of 308 guns produced, mainly for the Airbore troops, as they requested new armarment, that was light, capable to be airdropped, similar size, but more powerfull than the current 3,7 cm Pak 36 L/45. Ammo production ended in August 1943. Visiual differentiation is (not limited to) a little plate bolted to the gunshield over the barrle, the visibly longer and also externally tapered barrle, barrle bed connected on 2 places instead of full length (but that is not limited to the Pak 41)

In game it would add the 2nd of the 3 guns in conical caliber that were used by the german army, the 2,8 cm S.Pz.b 41, 4,2 cm Pak 41 L/55 and 7,5 cm Pak 41 L/57 (Also not yet in game, would come someday in form of the 7,5/5,5 cm Waffe 0725 L/57 on the Pz III Ausf. L) on different vehicles. These guns are rather unique in their size to power nature duo their conical barrle and all shoot APCR and HE rounds (the 75mm gun also APBC) with generally very high velocity 1260-1500 m/s and high penetration at the cost of after damage, but will be easy to aim and certainly fun to use. It would offer good penetration in case of uptiers and generally be a high velocity alternative to the standart armarment of other vehicles.

The Gun:
4,2 Pak 41 L/55
4,2 / 2,9 cm -8° to +25° elevation +/-30° Traverse with 20°/sec (like allready the 3,7 cm Pak 36 L/45)
~3 sec reload (or around that with ballancing) unknown ammo, comes in its own 12 rounds Patronenkasten (Ammo container) and would be stacked on the back.

Pzgr. 41 APCR 0,37 kg 15x58mm core 150g 1270 or 1500 m/s 132 or 150mm/10m

Picture of Pzgr. 41 (Click to show)

Screenshot 2024-01-13 132318

Sprgr. 41 HE 0,33kg 25g H.5 (42,5g TnTe) 900m/s

Picture of Sprgr. 41 (Click to show)


Screenshot 2024-01-13 132239

The Vehicle:
Bedford MW

Pictures of the Vehicle alone: (Click to show)


Drive: 4x2
Engine: 72 HP at 3000 rpm enine with 4 forward, 1 reverse gear
Speed: 64 km/h
Weight: 2,1 ton
Length / Width / Height: 4,37 m / 1,98 m / 2,29 m
Crew: 4-5
Armor: None on the hull, the Gunshield and perhaps 10,5mm plates around the gun.

Geschossringbuch Band I
Ringbuch für Sprengladungen Band I
Munition der 4,2 cm Pak 41
Enemy ammunition Pamphlet
The Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II
A Complete Directory of Military Vehicles.

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I seriously doubt a Bedford could have carried a Pak 41 AND any kind of meaningful armor at the same time. That is probably just sheet metal. Maybe even just wood.

Any excuse to get the squeeze bore guns in WT is a good one! +1

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading of WW1 vehicles and you’d be surprised how much weight they were able to throw on the trucks already back then (although their off-road mobility was severely hampered).
I think this truck could handle standard rifle bulletproof (~8mm) armor plus the gun, and did so. But doing so at the cost of mobility and requiring servicing and spare parts more often than usual, which was common with such modifications. Only the reduced mobility would play a part in the game though.

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Indeed, i mean its a heavy duty military truck. It wont break down by carrieng a gun, when they are also used to carry troops, ammo and pull artillery pieces.

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