3rd person shooting nerfing in realistic ground battles

what’s the point of aimed shots, which behave worse than just pointing at a vehicle, and then taking out the gun or disabling the turret? pointless to say, that this makes MBTs useless due to the large number of wheeled vehicles and spaas with autocanons - they quickly get the best positions on the map and just wipe out all tanks (i will not even touch the hull overpressure topic, or the how 400mm pen bounces from all these armorless machines).

the trend looks like a complete arcadization for realistic with 1 min playstyle premiums, making the RB unplayable (the matchmaking sux, another topic). I can understand that working on a more complex gameplay and map reworking takes time and effort, but why go this way?

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Did you actually even check the replays to see if they did use third-person, or is that just a guess?

of course, i checked the replays. and you can test it yourself.

Yea but which, and did you even check from their viewpoint and not just watch the replays.

I just see you making this complaint, and dragging everything else into it hence the mentioning of premium vehicles, alluring to your issue not actually being ‘just’ this…

FlyingDoctor, I am a 12k hours player, I know how to check a server replay from all player’s stations depending on what I need to check. I am actively reporting cheaters so I know how to use the replay’s features… So, I am not reacting to the match making frustration, for example. basically, this is how it works:

  • a player stays into cover - ok
  • spots you via binoculars, commander view - ok
  • aims while doing the spotting (rangefinds you, point’s the gun ) - ok
  • pops up and shoots in 3rd person - ok

none of the above I am not complaining about. what I noticed, and again you can test it yourself: the 3rd person shooting takes almost guarantee the gun out, the barrel. regardless of the distance. or the ring, or the breach, or whatever, crits you beyond the point of shooting back. do the same exercise with an aimed shot (do custom battles with your friends and you can try it on easily), to the same point, you do not get the same effect. The third-person shot is an aimed-assisted mode and it just works better. now, of course, players are exploiting this, mainly the premium ones by GE acing the crew.

my point is: what is the purpose of realistic battles if the way Gaijin is developing is basically another way of arcade? of course, using the standard features of the game. the current game experience br 9+ is unplayability because of all meta exploits that 1 death players are doing. when you get 20 battles in a row of 50% team death in 2-3 minutes, that is not a battle, is PVE farming. pointless to mention that however beneficial the economic changes are, they encourage this way of playing which stresses the damage and modeling issues even more.

I am asking a valid question: is this the way realistic is going to continue, or not? most of the players that have been in this game for 3+ years, 10k hours + , are interested mainly in combined RB which is the main game mode that outstood from other games.

I merely asked if you had, no need for the page or the flex for your hours played.

I don’t see the issue with third person shooting as it’s nothing that I fixate on, it is after all, a game…

sorry man, but I do believe that if you don’t even bother trying what I just said, you are not contributing to any argument. don’t forget, the economy changes by the road map time were completely untransparent. The same goes for the damage model and game modes. maybe, it is worth Gaijin to think about it and provide some light.

I merely asked if you had because you were being obtuse about the situation…

There is no argument to be had.

You bring every other thing into the argument because I feel you feel that you haven’t got enough of an argument to make.

OK, I will not debate that, basically if you consider this is not happening for you (by your perception only) , I respect your opinion.

It’s more that I don’t consider it to be a big deal, sure I do shoot in third person quite a bit, especially in SPAA, or if I am rushing hard in a light tank or a panther…

It’s more that I consider it to be part of the game, much the same as taking the death for someone else to get a kill.

I treat the game as a 2 way street all the time, that if I have to get something, then I have to end up got for someone else.

There is a point where players need to communicate more, and most often with these guys rushing spots, (that many always know, but almost ignore) no-one says where they are, and more often break to all, upset that they got got.

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