35mm Oerlikon explosive filler

Why are these shells loaded with more explosive filler than normal caliber shells?

what is a Normal caliber shell?

The same shell caliber

Hell take something bigger

Why is their so much explosive inside such a tiny shell?

Minengeschoß. The shell casing is very thin which allows for a very large amount of filler to be inside. The downside is that the thin shell can be too thin and cause it to break apart mid air instead of on the aircraft.

35x228 is a Rather long Shell, Longer than most others in the 30-40mm range

But the 35mm doesn’t use Minengeschoß, it uses HEI-T*

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Minengeschoss is just a WWII german Name for a HE shell with a High explosive filler

since the 35x228mm Oerlikon shell was made for an AA gun it is likely they made it to fit as much Explosive into it as possible

Correct, but from what I can see (and please correct me if I am wrong) the 35mm wasn’t mounted on any WW2 era vehicles, first mounted on the Flakpanzer I Gepard.

of cause it wasn’t a WWII gun, I never doubted that

Im just saying that the shell has a lot of Explosive in it because that was it’s purpose

OH now I see where you’re coming from lmao!

Let me guess… Gepards needs nerfing because your helicopter got shot down…again

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I’d say the bigger issue is the ridiculous APIT with 37g TNTe, single shell will easily take down your entire crew and this thing has 640 of them (well technically the belt has 1/4 HEIT)

Su25 has rockets with 58kg of TNT id say its pretty fair tbh

to show you Exactly how Massive the 35x228mm Oerlikon shell is I pulled out my EXERCISE dummy round in that caliber (it’s solid Alluminium and was used to train Crews how to handle the ammo)

Egg for Comparison

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It basically has the same TNT equivalent as 2 hand grenades… Not really surprising with the size of the round.

yes, but Fragmentation grenades could have thicker walls

They definitely do to house the ball bearings.


btw. for a less Good comparison it’s about the length of a Wine bottle

Now there’s an idea for a wine bottle XD

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I wonder how they would brand it.