30mm Wheeled SPAAG Weapon System, PGZ09 on a Wheeled Hull.

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30mm Wheeled SPAAG Weapon System

PGZ09 on a Wheeled Chassis




This wheeled self-propelled anti-aircraft gun was unveiled by China New Era Technology Co., Ltd. during the IDEX2007 weapons exhibition in the United Arab Emirates. It is constructed based on an experimental version of the WZ-551 Chassis, utilizing 60% of the WZ-551 Components, while enlarging the overall size of the vehicle. The hull structure consists of driver and commander seats, transmission, power section, and armament space. Its considerable height enables weapon mounting and loading, with the ability to adjust the height through pneumatic centralized control for rail and aircraft transportation. The vehicle is equipped with GPS navigation and features hull armor of 15mm and 8mm thickness, providing protection against 25mm and 7.62mm armor-piercing bullets. Additionally, all tires are bulletproof.

This vehicle’s primary armament comprises twin 30mm cannons with a muzzle velocity of 970m/s, an effective firing height of 3000m. It offers a depression angle of -2 degrees to 87 degrees and a 60% target shooting rate with HE shells. The turret includes a tracking radar, search radar, and electro-optical sight, enabling simultaneous target tracking and search operations with an 8-hour duration. Further details about the vehicle remain undisclosed.

Technical Data


Crew - 3+

Weight - ~25000 kg

Length - 7.8 m

Width - 3 m

Height - 1.5 m (without turret) ~4.6 m total

Powerplant - Liquid-Cooled Diesel (Unknown Type)

Transmission- Unknown

Max Speed - 100 km/h (Road) 12 km/h (Water)

Range - 800 km


Hull Composition - Rolled Homogeneous Steel

Hull Front - 15mm

Hull Sides - 8mm

Bulletproof Tires

All other Values Unknown.

Fire Control and Armament

Radar - Electro Optical Sight, Track, and Search Radar Present, Details unknown.

Armament - 2 x 30mm Autocannons

Rate of Fire - 1,950 RPM

Muzzle Velocity - 970 m/s

Effective Firing Vertical Range - 3,000 m

Effective Firing Horizontal Range - 4,000 m

Dispersion - 2 x 2 Mils

Ammunition - HE (Known)

Turret Horizontal Traverse - 360°

Turret Vertical Traverse - +87 -2

Ammunition Count - ~2,380+ (Similar to PGZ09)



Post Primary Image

30mm装輪自走機関砲(WZ系列装輪装甲車派生型) - 日本周辺国の軍事兵器 (seesaawiki.jp)


Chinese tank designations | Secret Projects Forum


+1, -2 gun depr is gonna be painful though.

+1 alongside the 122mm version.



+1 2S6 Tunguska’s guns on a wheeled platform, that would be an awesome replacement for the PGZ09 at 8.3 given that it will surely go up in BR after AHEAD was added