3,7 cm Flak M14 "Pom-Pom" auf Ford V8-51

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While beeing from Interwar (at least the Vehicle is from interwar and the gun from WW1) i still think its fit for WW1 mode, because of the gun. Is this nice vehicle with some armor and the 3,7 cm Flak M14 “Pom-Pom” which is the 1 pounder pom pom. It is mounted most likely on a 1935 Ford V8-51.

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While the exact story of the german vehicle is unknown, there maybe are still documents from the testing that is visible on the pictures still in existance, tho i dont have it, tho here is some history of the Ford V8-51.
The Ford V8-51 was build as the next model of Truck after the Model BB in the USA from 1935 and was based on the Ford V8 Car and even produced world wide. It had an watercooled V8 3,6 Liter 90 Ps engine with a average consumtion of 26 Liter/100 km with a top speed of 83 km/h.
It was obviously build in the USA from 1935-1940s as Ford 51, as well as by Ford of Britain under the name Fordson 61 and 62.

In Germany by Ford Motor Company AG (Ford-Werke AG from 1939) in the Köln-Niehl Werk was it also build from 1937-1939 (tho the vehicle was also improted befor that). It was build as a flatbed, Box construction and for the military with open cabin and a frontal buffer as well as other “Rüstsätze” (Kitchen, handyman and stuff). However there is also a slight difference between imported and german build, as just like with the Ford BB, that was produced befor it, as it was both in a short and long wheelbase available of 3340 mm and 3990 mm respectively and a payload of 3 ton. After the start of WW2 production for the Wehrmacht was under a simplified version with Einheits Führerhaus and other civil trucks were rebuild to be woodgas powered.

The Gun:
3,7 cm Flak M14 L/29 “Pom-Pom” (German produced and used licensed copy of the 1-Pounder Maxim-Nordenfelt Pom-Pom gun). Also named simply as 3,7 cm MK (Maschinenkanone).
Weight of 186 kg, 37x94R ammo and a Cyclic fire rate of ~300 rpm.

Ammo would be the same as the 3,7 cm Sockel-Flak L/14,5 uses, but at 550m/s instead of mere 355-360m/s

I will only note the 2 usable rounds again, there was later also a 600g Aphe shell developed, but i couldnt find much info on it anyway.
(Click on the names to show)

Sprgr. L/2,5 (Kz.) He (Tracerless) 0,47 kg 0,022kg Filler of Pieretic Acid (and something to TnTa of 0,042 kg 550m/s


L'Spur.-Gr. L/2,5 (Stahl) Sap-T 0,465 kg 550m/s 25mm/10m


The Vehicle:
Ford V8-51
Engine: V8 90Ps/3500 Rpm
Weight: 5,8 ton (+185 kg for the gun)
Top Speed: 83 km/h
Wheelbase: 3340 mm or 3990 mm
Ammo storage: Ammo Boxes behind the driver.
Armor: Thickness is unknown, but standart plate thickness (which would visibly fit) of the german army are 5,5 mm, 8,5 mm or 10,5 mm. The vehicle has a open cab, a armor plate instead of the windshield, and 2 identical plates at the back and front of the Flatbed and a Gunshield.

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