3,7 cm Flak 36 auf Pz I Ausf. B

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I would like to suggest the 3,7 cm Flak 36 auf Pz I Ausf. B. It is really just a Pz I Ausf. B (visible by the own idler wheel) where the Turret as well as the roof, superstructure sides and backwalls were taken off and the whole 3,7 cm Flak 36 or 37 (only wheight difference) was put on with the Tripod like on the Sd.Kfz 6/2 in game.

What place would it be in game, and why i would like to see it in game: In role as a AA it would be similar to the Sd.Kfz 6/2 but able to shoot forwards and more mobile and more armored, cince the Pz I Ausf. B is a fun and nimble hull (only yet in game as the Pzj 1 Ausf. B) Many people want to see more Pz I`s, and this is yet another Field modification of such Pz I. The Picture with unknown photgrapher shows it propaply while under maintanance visible by the missing barrle and the many spare parts etc.

The story of this vehicle is mostly unknown, but in the later war with the ever bigger threat of enemy planes the need for mobile AA guns which protect the mobile forces grew while the dedicated production couldnt keep up out of this nessisarity grew this vehicle as well as many other official conversions where the crew just put their 3,7 cm Flak directly on the outdated Pz I Ausf. B hull.

Cince there are no markings on the photo nor the tank itself, as well as an unknown photograph it is practically impossible for me to find: When it was build (By the picture there are Mg 42 so it was after 1942)

By who it was build (wheter by an higher ranked person or a AAA Crew) And where it fought

Pictures:(Click to show)


You can clearly see the scope and the gunshield


Some data(the Flak taken into considderation):

Weight: 7,5 t

Length: 4,42m

with: 2,06m

height ~1,72m

crew: 4 (driver and the 3 gun crew)

Armor: As seen in game on the Pzj I Ausf. B (Allround 13 mm and the gunshild overall gun can be seen on Sd.Kfz 6/2 7-17mm) tho this seems to be a later gunshield taken from a Flak 43, perhaps so is also the gun,just mounted in an older mount.

Engine: 100 hp

Speed: ~40 kmph

Gun: 3,7 cm Flak 36 or 37 (only difference is wheight and it is allready seen in game)

Fire rate 160 rpm


Pzgr. 18 L`Spur (Aphe) 0,685 kg 770/820m/s 13g Pent (22,1g) 49-54mm/10m

Note: Against Ground and Air Targets.
Bottum Fuze after 7mm active.

Pzgr. L’Spur (Naval) (Apcbc) 0,7 kg 815m/s solid 67mm/10m

M-Pzgr. 18 L`Spur. o.Zerl. (Aphe) 0,710 kg 783M/s 90g HTA (108g) 42mm/10m

Note: Mainly against Air Targets, as well as ground targets and ships. (Propably didnt go into service.)
Bottum Fuze active after 5mm
Screenshot 2024-05-03 160342

H-Pzgr. L`Spur. o.Zerl. (Apcr) 0,405 kg 1150/1170m/s 231g core(16,1mm) 110-113mm/10m

Note: Only against Tanks, where other Ap rounds cant penetrate. The Carrier has an Incendary effect when melting upon impact.
Another version is 0,410kg heavy.
Screenshot 2024-05-03 161328


Sprgr. 18 L`Spur. (umg.) (He-T) 0,62 kg 820/845m/s 29g Pent (49,3g) 7mm/10m


Br.Sprgr. L'Spur (Hei-T) 0,644kg 820m/s 30g H.5 and Aluminium

Note: Against Air and Ground targets.

Brsprgr. vk L'Spur. (HeI-T) 0,644kg 820m/s 40g H.5 and Aluminium

Note: Against Air and Ground targets, shortened Tracer for increased He and Incendary effect.

Brsprgr. o.L'Spur (HEI) 0,62kg 820/845m/s 90g H.5 und Zink

Note: Against Air and ground targets.
(Filler of 35,5g H.5 and 54,5g Zink, calculated by Killakiwi)


M-Gr. 18 L`Spur. o.Zerl. (Fi-T) 0,55kg 914m/s 90g HTA (108g) 7mm/10m



TL Jentz and HL Doyle (2002) Panzer Tracts No. 1-1 Panzerkampfwagen I

W. J. Spielberger (1982) Gepard The History of German Anti-Aircraft tanks, Bernard and Graefe



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An modelist take on it. Based on the 2 pictures available.