2S6 Tunguska worth to play or not?

I wonder if the 2S6 Tunguska worth to buy it and use it for AA defence or should I go for the Pantsir instead for my top tier battle.

They are at very different br so i wouldnt compare them. If you are playing at pantris br, use it. The 2s6 works pretty okay at its br.

Radar SPAA are great against helicopters most are ineffective against jets that use their brain and turn when the giant plume of smoke is heading for them.

If you’re not at 11.7 there’s not really another option and no reason not to play it, just don’t expect to hit a plane unless they’re going in a straight line.

Largest plus about it is the direct fire guns they can be used to defend against ground targets and low flying planes.

after the buff it is playable its not the best but it can compete with lower br aa’s

Thank you all. I will go for the Pantsir then.

Only Roland has such smoke,which makes it unplayable.

My guy,Tor is same.