2S38 Survivability Issue

I have had multiple games playing against Russian 2S38’s where I shoot them with an APFSDS round, and it either ricochets, or penetrates but does zero to little damage, and I know the point of an unmanned turret is to have the crew in the main compartment of the vehicle, But for example. Ill shoot a round from the M1128 Wolfpack, and it will either ricochet, or go straight through the turret while dealing zero damage to the breech, and I have multiple recordings of the round going through the turret where it should have destroyed the breech but it either bounces off some invisible thing inside the turret and then makes the breech yellow or just does zero damage, Ill have to upload them to youtube so I can reference them in this post but the survivability of the 2S38 is ridiculous.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_Jes_WeB-s (Example Number One)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bGlO5dqLlc (Example Number 2)
It happens on almost a daily basis and im so sick of it especially when most other vehicles arent an issue but for some reason 2S38’s treat APFSDS like a rubber ball and it just bounces off the tank or bounces around inside the tank while dealing zero damage. Both of those clips are the M900 round out of the M1128 Wolfpack


Its a premium russian tank. What do you expect, balance?


E’ un problema di tutti i carri: o hai equipaggio a 150 Asso o anche solo a BR3 ti seccano subito: non capisco la nuova politica di gajing, ma ormai si capisce che solo chi paga vince: per non parlare dei BOT onnipresenti, soprattutto se palyers cinesi: Anche basta ci avete rotto gli xebedei, questo gioco è diventato impossibile! Colpisci l’avversario in verde pieno ed hai bisogno di 3 shot, ma lui ti fa saltare con 1 solo. Non si gioca più così. E’ uno scandalo, uno schifo e basta! E ti trovi sempre in squadre zeppe di finti alleati che sbattono contro i muri e continuano ad accelerare: ma anche basta dai…

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Possibile che nessuno si lamenti? Le statistiche di gioco vanno a farsi fottere, dove ti divertivi adesso ti incazzi solo, nessuna corrispondenza col gioco di prima… bisogna abbandonarlo stò gioco? Qualcono lo dica agli sviluppatori che è diventato impossibile giocare alla pari.

clearly it just has spalling liner!


After trying to recreate this in protection analysis, this is what I have found.

As you can see in my image (jokingly named bias debunked) you can see that there is a “wall” in between the engine room of the 2S38 and the main crew compartment. It is easy to recreate the bouncing of an APFSDS when it impacts this wall, resulting directly in the round moving out of the vehicle and avoiding crew members. Why it does this, I cannot say, as the round seemingly bounces in the wrong direction when hitting off this wall…

Secondly, the ricochet off the barrel is common in ALL tanks. Impacting the barrel at an angle such as the one you did will result in the round “scraping” the side of the barrel, dealing non critical damage (according to War Thunder, I do not know if an APFSDS shell travelling at around 1700m/s will do more than scratch the paint off the barrel). However, this is less of a 2S38 issue than it is a War Thunder issue, if you can in fact prove that the APFSDS shell will damage the barrel far more than the game lets on. See the “scraping” in the image below.
Screenshot 2023-12-11 193638

Bias Debunked

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One of the most fictitious russian vehicles is OP and cancer to fight while being under BRd???

Who’d’ve though


I really can’t see any reason why the APFSDS manages to bounce off this thin steel wall at such an angle. However, I don’t think I can wave the stick of “russian bias” in the air just yet as this may occur on other light vehicles with thin walls in between different compartments.

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In my experience its pretty much russian anything for sure does this, while other vehicle’s might?

The BVM does this

The Bradley does not, it gets massacred by 14.5 to the turret ring from a rave party of spalling


Actual real footage of the vehicle.
Notice it has a x5 raye of fire and a continious belt unlike in game

its almost as if… theres some special code… to keep russian tanks alive… eh?

I cant tell if this is sarcasm…

Notice how the Bradleys still haven’t had their Armor or BUSK add-ons yet, or the titanium added to their roofs.

Sì che la gente si lamenta, ma sai, “le statistiche parlano” (cit.).

i guess u did not played against pumas when u shoot them 3-4 125mms and for 0 damage

Aim better.