2s38 rwr?

Why everytime a 2S38 locks me i dont get my RWR to ring ?

2S38 uses optical tracking, not radar.


Because 2S38 uses IRST+ Laser rangefinder instead of radar

Then how it gets lead indicator ?

Then why it has lead indicator ?

Because it uses an IRST (Infra-Red Search/Track) System.

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How has it lead indicator ?

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The Optical sensor, the IR module, tracks the aircraft, and sends it back to a computer that tells the gunners controls where to aim to hit their target on its current trajectory.


OK but why advanced spaas doesnt feature lead indicator even though they have using radar but not using irst ??

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Adats uses IRST+ rangefinder combination

They do, do you not lock your target with the radar?

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What does it need the rangefinder for, it has missiles, right?

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Mb, i meant : they have lead indicator using radar, but not using irst

Data from LRF

Because they use Radar tracking, not IRST, not all vehicles, or hell, even planes, have IRST. Essentially, for a layman, all you need to know is, Radar releases perceived radiation to the RWR, the IRST uses IR radiation, which an RWR can not receive, or identify.

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Also has a gun

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True, but the radar/IRST system automatically tells you to aim higher or lower depending on the range, does it not?

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The lead indicator?

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Yeah, from my knowledge it does, does it not?

Mechanically speaking (I.e. my thought process) it would make sense to make it auto-correct if you already have a computer doing leading and ranging.

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