2S38 is not a IFV it is a SPAA

The 2S38 is an anti-aircraft gun tank based on the BMP-3 and not an IFV… It’s like saying the OTOMATIC is an IFV… Please change the APDS-FS to a maximum of 12 rounds, as you did previously with the OTOMATIC… Here are various sources.

BMP-3 - Wikipedia

Even the Russian research institute says it’s an AA…

Both in practical terms are multipurpose platforms.

I doubt the sources specify anything related to Bajkal FCS and also, the same Bajkal FCS is designed to have 148 rounds ready, doesn’t matter the type of shell unlike OTOMATIC that have this limitation, in the case of OTOMATIC I can’t say much if the fact that it’s limited to 12 APFSDS rounds.

Balancing purpose. SPAA have less SP cost than LT.


Afaik there isnt really a basis for this change to happen. Unless you have details about a secondary feeding mechanism.

And the M-18 is a light tank in game. Vehicle designation is something that can change and does change in Warthunder even if a official designation is different.

Not that Warthunder has enough designations to even follow official designations

It isnt, but it has a 3 round drum for secondart feed rounds with an additional 9 “ready rack” For that drum that is advertised as anti-tank munition for emergencies.

Hull storage should load APFSDS fine and main feed probably do the APFSDS fine, but across the board for spaa, Gaijin has applied a anti-tank munition limit if there is a secondary feed for that purpose.

Thats why Gepard and OTO have this limit

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Maybe that same as 2A42 belts with full sabot ammunition, when it must jam.

Only 3UBR8 (APDS) has that problem, hence why both in game and IRL it’s mixed with AP, to not jam.
Reason being is 3UBR8 is longer than typical AP.
3UBR11 (APDSFS) doesnt need that AP round as it itself is same length as AP.
Though what is unlogical is you being unable to take two APDS belts on BMP-2/BTR-80A, or two APDSFS belts on BMP-2M.
Same applies for chinese autocannons.

All while any other IFV out there sits with zero limitations on that part.

On Ka50 in game - not mixed, on BMP-2M just a sabot ammo - also not.

About limitations - idk, but mostly doesnt matter

APDSFS doesnt need to be mixed. (3UBR11)
APDS does. (3UBR8)
Hence why APDSFS belt isnt mixed yet APDS belt is mixed.
Only Ka 50 has this mistake yet it’s not anything significant to the game either way.

And limitation do matter - on a vehicles with fast RPM and barely damage to components like gun barrels an extra belt will be useful.
It’s been not once as I ran out of my APDS belt on BMP-2/APDSFS on BMP-2M, APDS belt on BMP-3.

Just can penetrate MBTs on the sides, not only top.

As i know - not more than 1 shell per 5 others.
But in game…

And if you add just one AP to the belt to a fast RPM autocannon its only gonna need a milisecond more.

No, it’s one AP shell per 5 APDS

Still, difference in few seconds.

No. 3UBR8 shorter than AP/HE round

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How is there gonna be a difference of a second if autocannon has to fiee just one more round while it’s RPM is 800, another round being fired in 0.075 seconds??

You still need at leasr 20 shells
4 of them already will be worser

Its not like 4 of these shell would have mattered much with how bad autocannon damage is.

Yes, however it doesnt change the reason why it cant feed all APDS, APDS being different size, hence needing an AP-T to load properly.

2A42 habe very good damage.

The damage preset for the calibers below 57MM disagrees. Kill crews just fine, although if there’s little penetration left it will barely scratch modules.

Maybe preset disagrees - still very good damage, at least total.
Way better than bushmaster

Its only better than Bushmaster’s for it having not shitty RPM.
2A72 sounds really nice yet having low RPM makes it harder to kill. TTK is simply higher.

Yet another post of someone begging to buff the 2S38.
No, reducing its spawn cost is not needed.