2S38 is not a IFV it is a SPAA

when the 2S38 get only 12 rounds like the otomatic it is a big nerf for that broke vehicle

There is no evidence to suggest that it should have the same restrictions as the otomatic.

If it was an SPAA, that would be a buff.

Prove that the 2S38 uses a 76mm OTOMATIC cannon.
Cause last I checked it uses a 57mm cannon with an entirely different feeding mechanism.

It being classified as SPAA would only buff it, there’d be zero limit on APFSDS.

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The 2S38 is not actually loaded with 3/4 APFSDS ammunition (for operational and cost reasons). Since it is an SPAA, it will have at most 1/4 APFSDS ammunition, and even that is too much because it also has standard HE shells. If we wanted, we could also fully load the OTOMATIC with APFSDS shells, but that wouldn’t make sense and wasn’t implemented that way because its task, like that of the 2S38, is airspace defense. Simply the 2S38 needs a nerf

I am sure you are happy to provide the source for those claims.

To prove this, no source is needed; it is simply a fact. For example, a Leopard 2A4 is not fully loaded with HE shells just because I want to use it as artillery. 1. It is an MBT, so its role on the battlefield is clear and its requirements are defined. It is typically loaded with 30 KE shells and 12 multipurpose shells. Its primary role is to actively engage enemy tanks, and fighting infantry is a lesser priority. If we want to actively combat infantry, we would use a howitzer, etc. The same applies to a broken 2S38—it is an SPAA and not an IFV that actively accompanies infantry on the front line. Therefore, it is not fully loaded, nor even half-loaded, with KE shells. Please use your heads. Either we follow logic and realism, in which case it makes no sense to fully load any SPAA with only KE shells on the battlefield, or we disregard logic and realism, and we can load every AA and SPAA full with KE shells in the Game.

In other words you don’t know what you are talking about and your source is “trust me bro”

But thx for the wall of text.

What you are saying is the same as suggesting that the Ferrari team should race in a Formula 1 race with a Fiat Multipla instead of their Formula 1 car because a car is a car and therefore can drive. The fact that they serve completely different purposes has completely escaped you

Just as an example of what a real IFV is, the PUMA:

  1. It can carry infantry.
  2. It is armored.
  3. It has armor-piercing shells, multipurpose shells, and can shoot down aircraft at close range. It can also destroy tanks with its missile.
    Is it now an SPAA just because it can shoot down aircraft? No, it is not, because its role is to transport infantry to the battlefield under armor protection and provide fire support.
    Is the PUMA deployed 5-10 km behind the front line as an SPAA and fully loaded with PMC308: Ahead? No, there are much better vehicles for that role, such as the Gepard and the Skyranger vehicles.

Following your logic, we would leave all the PUMAs back as SPAA and send the infantry on the Gepard and Skyranger, loading the Gepard SPAA full with DM23 so they can fight vehicles and not fulfill their role as SPAA. How fast do you think everyone would be dead? The Gepard is equipped with a small supply of DM23 for absolute emergencies in reality. The same goes for a 2S38—it is not an IFV, that’s a fact. Therefore, it is also not fully loaded with AP shells. This logic applies to all armies in the world. A 100-round MG belt is also not filled with 100 tracer rounds just because I think it’s cool. Every 5th or 10th round is a tracer round, the rest are regular rounds.

In reality, we could fully equip a Gepard with DM23. Why isn’t it like that in the game? Because it is not logical and has nothing to do with the reality on the battlefield, which is why it has no application in the military. The same applies to the 2S38.

yea im not reading all that

Thank you for not having any arguments against a nerf anymore and for agreeing with me that the 2S38 needs to be nerfed ;)

Bring me proof that it’s fully loaded with KE shells ;)

Crew loading decisions is not a physical limitation of the loading system, thus not relevant.
All you keep proving is you want to buff 2S38.

OTOMATIC cannot load all APFSDS; this was proven by a player many years ago and the bug report was actioned on.

2S38 is nerfed currently. It being a SPAA would exclusively be a buff.


APDS belt can be loaded in gun only through upper feeding (at least that true for BTR-80A so probably same for other 2A42/2A72 users)

Explains it then, thank you.

"Trust me "

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