2S38 at 10.0 is joke

HSTVL 11.3, Vilkas 10.3, Stormer HVM 10.3, OTOMATIC 11.3, ASRAD-R 10.3 Namer 10.3 Imp. Chaparral 10.3 Strela 10.3, 2S6 10.7, FlaRakPz 1 10.3,

the only one that is at 9.3 is Begleitpanzer 57 I’m guessing no darts and No IRST?>?>?

Desert Warrior 10.0
2S25M 10.0
Puma 10.0
LAV-AD 10.0
LvKv 9040C 10.0

How the hell is the 2S38 at the same BR as the LAV-AD, Puma, Desert warrior???
The 2S38 is better in almost every way, fast, small, quick reaction, IRST, LWS, DARTS, Why is it the only tank in this list that I see in a 12.0/13.0 now, the 2S38??? because it belongs at 11.0/12.0 It has the ability to take on all targets in a 12.0/13.0
We the player base have allowed Gaijin to keep this at 10.0, what Kills A-10s like they are paper planes 2S38, who slap helicopters that take off from the helipad and haven’t even fired yet and get no radar warning 2S38, Who can take out any NATO tank without thinking, Just stay cool and aim for the neck a round will get in somewhere??? 2S38, Who gets warned when you’re trying to hit it with a Hellfire or any Laser-guided weapon? 2S38, and he could easily kill you before your hellfire hits him just to kick you when you’re already down, Can any of the other tanks even come close to being equal? Is this even fair for gameplay? A pure pay to win BR 10.0? A long-lasting joke at the USA/NATO tank and plane players?


Lets be honest .
First it is Russian makes it untouchable.
Did you see how fast the moved the Fox up?
Yes fox was over performing , but as you state the 2S38 kills everything, normally one shot it you dead.
So ask yourself why the do not want to remove a broken OP tank up to where it should be 11.3 .


It is at 10.0 because it doesnt perform as well in matches as it should based on paper.

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ooooh is that why my bad guys ill take the silly post down

It’s still 10.0 because it isn’t that good. Basically always free kills and I would appreciate if you stopped trying to reduce the number of free kills I see in my 10.0/10.3 gamess.


you’re insane if you think that wtf

gaijin doesnt balance the game like that bro

yes, specially those with more armor than a bmp and with a crew and ammo layout different than a dinner table

I bought it a couple weeks ago as I’ve just reached 10.0. It’s pretty meh, mobility isn’t great, new modules mean you get one shot’d most of the time, guns pretty average. IRST and VT is probably its biggest advantage, other than that I don’t really rate it

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is big and slow compared with the other vehicles u mentioned, all this ppl crying about the 2s38 are just pure trolls or have some russian PTSD


With the recent buff to the 2s38 I’m having more fun with it then before. It doesn’t perform very well statistically because of the large population of players owning it. But it allows me to continue playing this op as shit tank at 10.0 so you do you gaijin

just did this to make a point

Uploading: War Thunder 2024.06.24 -…
Uploading: War Thunder 2024.06.24 -…
Uploading: War Thunder 2024.06.24 -…
Uploading: War Thunder 2024.06.24 -…
Uploading: War Thunder 2024.06.24 -…

this doesnt prove anything
that’s completely average

you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink

The 4 horsemen of Russian bias is why I don’t venture in this BR bubble. I am talking about 2S38, BMP-2M, Su 25 and Pantsir. Possibly more could be on the list, but these are the worst of the worst offenders.

if a bmp2m and 2s38 is trouble for you I assume marders are nightmares for you?

Is a 4 kill game meant to be impressive? Thats pretty average

Xm-1 to 11.0 now

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Shoot the turret with HEAT and it overpressures

Shoot it anywhere and it dies

Please dont tell you actually believe the 10.0 Su-25 is actually good its probably the worst CAS around the 10.X range ive played both the A10 and all the techtree Su-25 and i can very easily say the A-10 is superior to the Su-25/K/BM

Only justifiably good vehicle you listed every nation needs a pantsir so CAS can cease to exist

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Basically no one has heat loaded and the 2s38 will kill you before you get the second shot.

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