2S38 a vehicle from 2023 capable of frontally penning an MBT's hull and turret cheeks from 1981

Why isn’t the HSTV-L 6.7? This is the balance you’re implementing.


HSTV-L is marginally better than the 2S38 in terms of tank killing capability.


HSTVL is far superior to 2S38. Double acceleration, 13kph faster top speed, superior cannon & gun mechanics.


I have little clue what this post is supposed to mean.

Historical dates should be the only thing to balance tanks?

Newer tanks are better?

Production dates shouldn’t be used to balance a BR.


What are the AA capabilities of the HSTV-L in comparison to the 2S38?

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Gaijin has chosen not to model the 2S38 as an SPAA otherwise it might be balanced.


At 11.3


The HSTV-L doesn’t face opponents it can frontally pen making its benefits irrelevant.



No shit.

Gaijin doesn’t bother to balance the game anyway.


What is bro yappin about


The 2S38’s ability to frontally penetrate MBTs it faces.


still get bodied with immeasurable amount of leo2A4, where is that bias you were talking about?


Lie, HSTV-L can frontally pen all top tier MBTs, except for the Leo 2 and STRV 122


how many games you played with 2s38 ? and how do you compare it to HSTVL ? its an amazing vehicle no one can deny it but at its br at 10.0 to 11.0 its has everything it need to do its job if its in right hands.
and no 2s38 cant front pen all toptiers htsvl can.

most important its a premium people pay for it I don’t know how to say it you cant just sell it and then change something in it.

what I think is fair is to give HSTVL better thermals proxy rounds and tracking capability.

Sweden says “HI”

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Neither the 2S38 nor the ~CV90s 40mm cannon can penetrate any different areas on an M1 Abrams, for example. Nor on a Leopard 2. Nor on an Ariete. Nor on a Type 10.

The only real advantage I can think of, compared to something like a CV90’s cannon (which you’re not complaining about, even though the CV90 is a far superior platform, and something like the BILL has the best top-down munition in the game on top, or the far higher survivability of all the C variants) - is that it’s a lot more reliable when shooting the LFPs of Russian tanks… Which it doesn’t face to utilize that advantage… Because it’s Russian.

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the 2s38 is from 2020

Yes, and it is a bodykit of a BMP-3. A vehicle designed in the 80s.
In fact - most vehicles from the “modern” age are just upgrades/bodykits of 1980s designs.

The VT-4A1 is also an MBT from ~2020 and it’s one of the worst top tier MBTs in the game.
Granted - that’s because it’s missing almost everything and is the worst implementation of an MBT in the game. But it’s obvious that how “old” a vehicle is - literally doesn’t matter. (It’s also based on a Type 90 MBT from the 90s)

The T-90M is also from 2017 or something, and it’s not that good. Because it’s just a T-72 bodykit.

The M1A2 SEP V3, when it gets added - will be a modern tank, that is obviously just an upgrade to the base M1 Abrams from the 80s just like all the rest.

So - I’m kindly informing you that the sentence “the 2s38 is from 2020” holds no real weight.

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If your argument is that the CV90s are also under BR’d then you’ll have no argument from me.


I think the CV90s are better than the 2S38 (especially the BILL because its top-down missile gets to have 500mm of pen while the TOW-2B sucks), but I think they’re all mostly okay at their BR.

Could go up to 10.3 I guess. Really, the performance differences between ~10.0 and 11.0 aren’t that high.
I personally use my 9.7-10.0 vehicles at 11.0+ regardless. And I don’t do any better or worse.

So I feel like they’re all fine at 10.0 for the sole fact that you can have more lineups that way.

I’m just angry when people try to make out one of them as being way better than the rest in an unfounded way (and in 99% of cases, it’s the 2S38 - the one I think is one of the most mediocre, outside of the M3A3 Bradley).