2nd match my a7k

I fired both of my missles at the same time only hitting the fire button once. And they HIT EACH OTHER AGAIN

Can you clarify a bit? What you said doesn’t really make much sense. Do you mean the air to air missiles?

yes both of my a2a missles fired at the same time it only happens when i have 2 cannon pods and 4 rocket pods it seems but it has happen twice. I will get a lock and both missles fire off at the same time and hit each other

I’m not sure how that would happen unless it is a bug of some sort since the missiles have an activation phase that is separate from each other, and the activation phase happens for one and won’t/can’t happen for another missile until it is fired.

there’s a bug related to ripple fire of rockets that causes both missiles to be launched at the same time

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Is there a fix for it coming. Because Nothing I love more then seeing both my aim9s fly off in a pair and kill each other. Leaving me onlly with cannons and rockets against modern jets.

So you are saying that the a7k can clap? Please teach me I want this