232K How many have you seen?

In recent weeks\months I have seen 232,000 players on line when in game. I can’t remember if an event or similar was on at this time.

I find that a huge increase from what I’m used to seeing 60, 70, 80K. It’s regularly around the 150k now when I’m sometimes on line.

Whatever you think of Gaijin, War Thunder the player base etc, it’s a good thing right?

What’s your take on this, seen a higher recorded amount of players on line?


All I see is more and more ignored issues requested by more and more players.


Chinese players

232.000 players but we still can’t decompress BRs because of queue times supposedly.


Yeah, there’s one that affects me too, random crashes, press M for Map and CTD straight away.

Still here though, 232k and 1!!

Depends which modes players are in.

Depends what BRs they play.

Depends what nations they play.

Depends how often a player does any of the above 3 and when.

Should be a good sign, yes, but without more indepth analysis it could mean anything.

All the naysayers aside, i amazed by the size war thunder has taken. I am delighted to see so many new players. Gives me hope for the game and its future.

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They’ve been saying queue times are a problem since 2014 when peak players 10-20k… now we have peak players at 110k instead on just Steam, if you somehow still cannot decompress BRs because of queue times it’s just mismanagement.


increases AIR RB to 64v64 players
See guys? We can’t decompress BR because of them queueue times.
Thread closed, not a bug

That’s more likely then them actually decompressing the BRs properly.
They’re just going to let the mess continue to exist and then decompress the BRs just a little bit where it just continues to be compressed anyways.

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Remember the F-16 and Mig-29 were supposed to be 11.3 xD

Its funny how Bf 109 G6 / G10 / G14 are all basically the same planes and they are spread between 4.7-5.3 but at rank V+ we have planes that are capable of going mach 2, fighting subsonic planes without flares and missiles at the same BR.

202k online rn and keep getting;
connection error: 82220002

more DoS attacks?

Now in game 207K online, weird!

14:30 212k online and same 82220002 error

Probably since Sons of Atilla economy healing allowed players to actually play the game, that;s why.

Seen some high numbers, right now it’s 224K online the highest I’ve seen since starting this post.

I’ve been online more myself over the last few weeks too, found some of the BP challenges more achievable for some reason - well unless they involve ships - don’t do ships.

248K online rn!!

Some big numbers indeed!!

And how many bots?

I want this game to do good, that is why I always supported it with my money since the day I installed it but I really have doubts on those numbers. For years I’ve seen the game peak at around 90-110k players during events and suddenly we get double the numbers? I don’t know…

Yes, I don’t know. It’s a problem for sure.

I have always bought premium account each year at least, no exception, it’s the cost of a game and considering I haven’t bought another game since picking up WT many years ago - it’s the least I can do.

Sorry small edit, I did buy some DCS modules last year …

I saw that Gaijin recently banned 9.6K (?) accounts so not if they are not trying and aware that there is an issue with Bots.

Don’t worry, I got this game installed in 2015 on my PS4, had a lot of other games including through the old PS Plus, and the only game I played was this one. Moved to PC got some more “new” and “old” games on Steam Sales, and keep playing only this one…

Yes, I saw that too and I don’t remember a banlist that big ever by far, which makes me think that most of those are banned for using bots, and those are the ones get caught.

For a reason they are gonna implement a CAPTCHA to those they suspect might be using them.