22nd Canadian Armoured Regiment 20mm Stuart VI (Field Mod)

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This is a bit of an obscure field mod and the information on this I can only find 1-2 reports on this field mod.

The reports were written by Major A. G. Sangster. Sangster was the same person that wrote the report on the rocket staghound and the halftrack mounted with rockets.

The 20mm turretless Stuart VI came to reality because the 22nd Canadian Armoured Regiment thought it would be a solution to an issue that I cant even thing they had. But from what I can think is that the CO wanted a Stuart Recce but still having some sort of firepower so they created this.


Report 1:

Report 2:

Page 2 of Report 2:

The report mentions photographs but I was unable to find this and I have spent many evenings looking through the archives attempting to find it with no luck. There is a chance this photo is in the Canadian Archives someplace and if somebody finds it please let me know and feel free to post it here. But there’s also a chance the photo was lost somehow and is gone forever.

(Updated: September 23rd 2023) Photo was found:

Just to confirm this is not a Stuart VI recce since they cut most of the turret off in the field so as some recces had the whole top armour removed some had just the turret.

These reports were sent to the Canadian Headquarters in London England from the First Canadian AFV(T) Staff the report was titled Report No. 8 and was sent on May 15th 1945

Since It was just a Stuart VI with most of its turret cut off we can assume some of the specs of the vehicle since I was unable to find anymore information on this field mod. We can assume the specs of the chassis would be the same even if most of the turret weight would be removed.

Chassis specs (taken from:Stuart VI (5th CAD) (USA) - War Thunder Wiki) :
Hull armour:

  • Front: 28mm
  • Side 28mm
  • Back 25mm

Seems like there would still be a bit of armour in the front but I’m not sure what armour thickness there would be so this is just my assumption

Crew: Unknown but we can assume maybe 3-4

Max speed: 58km/h

20mm Hispano (unknown which model as we do not know what wrecked aircraft they took the gun from)

Ammo: Unknown

Ammo count: Unknown

If anybody can find anymore information on this field mod please feel free to share it.

Sources (all included also as photos in the suggestion):
All sources are from:
Title: Canadian Military Headquarters, London (CMHQ), Files Block No. 55 - 5777
Document source: Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada

I think I found another reference to it:
From: Canadian Military Headquarters, London (CMHQ), Files Block No. 55 - 5780 image 164

3rd paragraph, last sentence

Found some new Information taken from 22nd Armoured Regiment war Diaries (not in any order):

RG24-C-3, Volume number: 14261, Microfilm reel number: T-12727–T-12728, File number: 953

RG24-C-3, Volume number: 14262, Microfilm reel number: T-12729, File number: 953

Found out it was also brought along to Operation Blockbuster:

Seems like this was the last time I can find the tank was mentioned in the war diaries
22nd Armoured Regiment (Canadian Grenadier Guards)
Date: 1945/02-1945/04

Reference: RG24-C-3, Volume number: 14262, Microfilm reel number: T-12729, File number: 953

Item 4 page 7


I tracked down the file where the I thought the photos might be and requested if LAC could check and they found photos of the vehicle I will need to at some point request the files from the Library and Archive’s Canada as they notified me that there may be more photos and things on other vehicles.

Click on the photo for a better view


That looks really neat. More funny modifications are always welcome.

It’s will AA or AT?)

Looking at the description and photos I don’t look like it has AA capabilities. With the little bit of turret left it won’t have enough elevation to do AA.

It’s gameplay style would probably be similar to that of the ZUT

After looking for this ZUT in game and test-driving it I see what you mean.