МиГ-21С(Р-13-300) add P-60

Why MIG dont have a rockets P-60? I have a proof


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It prolly doesn’t have them so it can be more balanced, aka be at a lower br.

so so man, premium aircraft dont have a normal rockets, its bad

If it got P60 (R60), then it would go a higher BR, probably 10.0, because no flares, and the MiG-21MF/SMT is at 10.3.

You know, but it’s really sad to play with r-3c missiles on 9.7, let’s add at least 2

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It might probably still go higher BR with them. The best thing you can do atm with the S variant is just to use the R-3R and go high altitude.

As far as I know, the MiG-21SM was the first MiG-21s to be able to carry the R-60/R-60Ms in russian sevice.

R-13-300 model does not have them because it was an engine test bed early on