20mm Mg FF/M auf Kübelwagen VW Typ 82

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I would like to suggest this Küblewagen armed with a Free movement shoulder stab 20mm Mg FF/M, which would be more of a novelty, but still usable in the lower Brs. While Penetration of 20mm is nothing to write home about, it could still be used as a fast and nimble scout car with 520 rpm (pretty much the 2nd highest available for Germany at Rank I) with decent HE rounds against low flying planes (around 30-40° Elevation, depending how low the gunner can go down behind it). It is mentioned that it was used in North Africa, that is however unconfirmed.

It could go at BR 1.0.

More details around the Modification are unknown, however it was supposetly made by the Luftwaffe as a support vehicle.

Visible on the only known picture is that the front right and back left seat was taken out, to the front middle (a bit right) the 20mm Mg FF/M on a Free moving Podest was mounted with the gunner sitting behind it on the ground (when not in use he moves further back on the backseat). and the back left seat was removed, presumably to store more ammo.

It is visibly fed by the 30 round drum, combined with quick reload and fire rate of 520 rpm it would offer usable suppressive fire. (Even In game against light and unarmored targets, or to simply destroy tracks.

The Aiming angles are unknown, however it is a free moving gun with shoulder stock, presumably around 15-20° Depression, 30° Traverse each side and 30-40° Elevation.

Pictures:(Click to show)



The Gun:
20mm Mg FF/M
520 rpm (unsyncronized)
Free Traverse and elevation, shoulder stabilized
Ammo Storage 330 rounds (1x 30 round drum on the gun, 10x to the left of the gunner.)
While there are a multitude of different ammo kinds available, i suggest only a 3/4 mix of 3x Ap-I and 1x Minengeschoss and a 2nd Belt of Minengeschoss (with perhaps 1x Ap-I round)

Enemys it could effectively engage in game:(Click to show)

LVT(A)(1) (and (4), M8 LAC, M13, M15 and M16 GMC, M2A2, M8 HMC, M3 GMC
BT-5/7 (and other versions), T-26 (all), SU-5-1. GAZ-AAA/MM
A13 Mk I/II, Tetrach Mk I, Daimler AC Mk II, Mk.VIA AA, SARC Mk IVa, Alecto I
Light tanks, Medium tanks through weakpoints (Cooling grills), SPG/H and AA (So pretty much each and every Tank except Ho-I

Generall available ammo:(Click to show)

Ap: (Early rounds were 0,115kg, which were increased to 0,117kg)

Pzgr. o.Zerl. (Ap) 0,117kg 585m/s 20mm/10m


Pzbrgr. (E.) o.Zerl. (Ap-I) 0,117kg 585m/s 20mm/10m

6,2g Thermite (Elektron) and Incendary mix, after penetrating 4mm Shipsteel, it is shot out the back.
Used against Trading ships and other light War Vehicles.

Pzbrgr. (Ph.) o.Zerl (Ap-I) 0,117kg 585m/s 20mm/10m

3,6g Phosphor filling in Aluminium shell. Goes into action after shattering.
Used in Airfights against especially armored planes and against light tanks, Trucks, Trains and others.
Screenshot 2024-04-20 114033

Pzsprgr. o.Zerl. (Aphe) 0,117kg 585m/s 5,1g Pent (8,67g) 20mm/10m

Note: Against Ships, Iron protected targets as well as light ground targets.
Bottum Fuze active after 3mm Steel.

He: (Early rounds were 0,115kg, which were increased to 0,117kg)

Sprgr. L`Spur. m.Zerl. (He-T) 0,117kg 585m/s 4,3g Pent (7,31g)

Note: Against Air and ground targets, replaced by Br.Sprgr. early on.
(Could only find the m.Zerl version, o.Zerl is the same just without the little hole between charge and tracer)

Brsprgr. L`Spur. m.Zerl. (HeI-T) 0,117kg 585m/s 2,3g Pent (3,91g)

Also with Gl’Spur.
Screenshot 2024-05-03 152331

Incendary: (Early rounds were 0,115kg, which were increased to 0,117kg)

Brgr. L`Spur. o.Zerl. (I-T) 0,117kg 585m/s Some AP capability, duo solid nose designe

Also with Gl’Spur and without Sd.


M-Gesch. o.Zerl. 0,092kg 718m/s 18g HA 41 (29,76g)


The Vehicle:
Kübelwagen VW Typ 82
Produced from 1940-1945
Engine: Aircooled 4 Cylinder Boxermotor 25 Ps (from 03.1943 onwards)
Speed: 80 km/h
Weight: 715-1160 kg
Produced: 50.788

Handbuch des Kübelwagen VW Typ 82
Handbuch der Flugzeugbordwaffenmunition 1936-1945
Private gallery


looks goofy +1

+1 low tier menace/pizza delivery car

+1, what a lil goober.

great for seeking and destroying +1

Found a 2nd Picture.


We need more armed cars like this.