2025 A.P.R.i.l. Fools idea - Lego air/ground

Lego WW2 - Airplane Battle - Stopmotion Animation - YouTube


Don’t know about Lego specifically , it would be nice if they ever partnered with them . But vehicles made from bricks is more likely , I like the idea . April Fools should be fun like the rest ones before . So +1

Yeah i don’t think they wont approve

Lego partnership , well … never say never . But brick vehicles would be awesome for April fools . Doesn’t need to be Lego specifically . So it would be possible , if Gaijin wants to

Too true, would they need to just ask them?

If they want to collaborate and having the Lego logo in game , they have to make business . But I don’t think Lego has the the rights for “Bricks” you know . Once Gaijin had flying ponies air battles as for April fools . They took inspiration from my little pony I presume but that doesn’t mean a colorful flying pony is only exclusive to My Little Pony . So I believe Gaijin can easily make brick vehicles for April fools without the Lego logo

Lego + Gaijin? Two would have found each other … Both have similar characteristics in relation to certain “people”



I would love this partnership, but Lego has explicitly said they don’t want to make lego sets about military vehicles (the sets for those are made by other people). Given that, I highly doubt WT is the type of game they’d partner with.


What about Cobi?


cobi would make a lot more sense

Exactly this. LEGO is very careful when it comes to their image and products.

However Cobi would probably go with it given they made sets for Company of Heroes 3

You forgot the prizing …

and don’t forget LEGO is still trying to defend a patent that ran out a decade ago

Yes!!! Please this would be amazing!!!

Danish Tech tree then???

I can hear the Lego break effect sounds now when I destroy the planes and tanks lmao

Dude 1st April was month ago…

Good thing the title says 2025 :)

I know