2023 and we still got ghost shells and ghost rockets

wtf are you guys doing at gaijin HQ???


Had a game yesterday with the Stormer HVM where 8 missiles in a row just “phased” through planes and helicopters. Good ping and no PL.

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They are too busy adding anime pillows, so no time to deal with serious issues.



What do you mean, they fixed ghost shells like 5 times now.



solve ONE of the problems
says enough about gaijin

for the past 6 months, i have had Very few ghost shells. (maybe 5)
They seem to be doing a good job with this issue.

I shot a heli (Soviet Mi-4AV) 4-5 times with a sabot, every single one phased, I saw it disappear and then reappear on the other side once they flew further.I haven’t had a many other than that.

keep having this issue my self, how many years is it going to take to fix this issue come the hell on guys

just to add sthap jerkin the gerkin to hentai for five minutes and make a effort to fix this broken crap, i have spent good money on your game and that entitles me to an opion and a decent game without ghost shells.

Shells being done server side, desync will always cause ghost shells if it’s the ballistics packet.
This is what happens when the game needs to combat cheating.
Ballistics being client-authoritative like Battlefield causes cheating issues that BF players are very aware of.
One ghost shell every month is worth having less cheaters.

12 Dec 2023…

It’s here again.

Still thumbs down Gaijin.

If you were in Europe and the server was in Buenos Aires, you’ll be thumbing down too.