200000+ players online

So is this the first time we have passed the 200k mark?
WT 204203 players online.

And we still can’t decompress BRs because of ‘muh queue times’'… an argument used when we had 10% of the players but somehow it’s never enough.


That is one of the changes i would love to see. BR decompression.

My guess is that they think we are complete idiots who are convinced that if we just unlock that +1BR tank that just killed us, we will be gods somehow. So that if they remove that, people will stop grinding.

People aren’t that dumb though. Well… 90% of people aren’t that dumb. That’s not why they grind, they just want interesting new content over time, and/or like modern vehicles.


If you want modern vehicles you’re playing the wrong game, it’s stupid how they always use them to advertise the game and how little WW2 content you see, only to give them the crappiest vehicles when they actually start playing.

It accounts those who aren’t even in the game.

The 200k mark is being regularly surpassed these days so that’s really that i guess

shouldn’t we get a decal for this? I think we should.

The first time 200k popped was a WHILE, I mean really a while ago, so it’d be useless at thus point.
Plus another boo hoo snail decal is worthless to me tbh

Yesterday was the first time at least i saw that we passed 200k.
I have seen numbers around 190K.

we had like 250k on the 01.11

Must have been after i stopped to play that day then. Wonder why Gaijin haven’t done anything.
Since at least in my eyes. That’s impressive. Consider the game is 11 years old.
And have been on a steady 175-185K. But never really passed 200k.

When they shut down the China server it dumped all the cheat… I mean players from that market into the main game server pool, that is why you see that number. During non peak times for East Asia, the concurrent user number drops to 80K or less. So that is probably the “real number” ex China.
And then how many of those are just bot accounts auto logging in to get the bonus and/or mindlessly joining games to collect “micro-rewards”…

Havnt heard anything about the chinese server being shut down

Edit: i just read up on it that was last year though

you don’t play for the decals? does gaijin know this?

I do, but for actual historical ones, not sum CC or snail poo poo ( ok, skill issue is an exception, that one is superb)