2 times 50% personal discount on the same vehicle

Umm… I’m having a 50% Discount on Morko-Morane, twice.

I activated both, is… it… now…free???


No,they dont stack.

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You tell us!

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I’m aKtuAlLy suprized they don’t have the same stacking depreciation mechanic as boosters as a deliberate FU instead of a subtle one. lol.

I don’t know if they stack or not, however, even if they stack:

1 x .5 x .5 = .25 not 0 (that’s 25% for the government educated)


Two 50% off would stack to 75% off.

But Gaijin doesn’t let them stack anyway.

Gotta love that their math works in their favor. Buying only cuts the discounted price while boosters only increase the original and depreciate over multiple.

Yep, no problem cutting the value of your boosters in half though, but if you don’t use them now we’ll also delete them from your inventory.


I recently had a simmilar issue receiving THREE 75/50/50 discounts for German Fz rocket atv vehicle (4800 Ge stock).

Huge letdown and the timer on the discount sucks