2 missile fails

Hello! I guessed the parts wrong 2 times in a row (the missile in the test launches but it goes into water). And didn’t get the test report after second try. Did I screw up the event?1

3rd missile should be OK.

Thank you! I hope this is true. :P

Make like smart people, don’t interact with this event to show gaijin that we don’t like it. This rng stuff needs to stop. Its just a tactic to get people to either pay their way through it or grind it out because of FOMO.

I’m happy to pay for the stars in the events where you gather 8-10 stars for a top prize. Here there is no way to pay through though for console players since there is no marketplace and you still need to gather papers and get random parts.
Not something I want to stick money in.

likewise. im probably going to get muted in game for all the bitching against the chinese playerbase ive been doing soon. im just gonna GE the rest of the battlepass and quit for a few months. maybe the addiction will pass and ill no longer feel like i have to check in. Hell i might just pick up alcoholism. probably better for my mental health at this point than this dumpster fire of a game.

I barely played for 3 months. Been playing enlisted. Events much better! Will finish it today (even after missing a week and playing casually only).
There’s like 4 Mirage F1 buffs this last patch so will play it again. Also, after foldering, for a casual player like me the Mirage IIIC and even the Mirage 2000 is within reach so will just play towards that. Not expecting event progress but will loosely keep an eye on it.

So overall looking forward to play WT daily again! A break does one well, especially when you come back and somehow your “grind goals” are way closer than they were before and one of your favourite aircraft got quite a bit better.