2 easy, and small, changes that would improve sim

I play sim a fair bit now and really like it but a couple things annoy me. Those include the wait time and the fact that top tier barely ever comes around in the rotation given its one of the most played battle ratings, while the low tier stuff is basically permanently on. So:

Change 1: Make the 1990–> /2000–> era a permanent option. Or at least make sure that theres always an option for modern(ish) tank gameplay, for example second gulf war tanks like chally 2 etc.

Reason: It seems its almost always on early cold war stuff like t54s etc but the queues are always so long at this tier compared to top tier because there’s less interest in playing it, meanwhile people almost always want to play top tier and hence the queues are shorter.

Change 2: As often theres a lack of soviet block players, split the tanks in the german tech tree at the appropriate br (this is for the more modern / cold war games as incase it wasnt obvious i dont play low tier) so that east german tanks play on soviet side and west german tanks play on NATO side. Same for finland and other appropriate tanks.

Reason: means more ballanced queues which means shorter queue time for everyone. And also its soooo annoying when people roll around in their east german t80s and then whine when they get team killed like what did they expect.

Thanks for reading and any comments feel free.

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