2,5 cm Pak 113(f) L/77 auf Sd.Kfz.250 Ausf. A

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I would like to suggest a unique armed Sd.Kfz.250 Ausf. A halftrack used by the DAK armed with a french captured 2,5 cm SA-L 37, or in german service called 2,5 cm Pak 113(f) L/77. It is mounted in a similar fashion to the Sd.Kfz.250/11 with a 3,7 cm Pak 36 L/45 or with 2,8/2,0 cm S.Pz.B. 41.

Sadly there isnt any info beyond the single (to my knowlege only) photo with sayed vehicle available, where it is visible, that it was used by the DAK in africa.

Picture:(Click to show)


Pictures of Sd.Kfz.250: (click to show)


I first missidentified it as a SA 34, but after finding a 2nd picture it was visible that it is indeed a SA-L 37 which is a further development with longer barrle and increased muzzlevelocity, otherwise the suggestion is still correct. The identification between the guns is the barrle length and the kind of mounting, the SA-L 37 is in a ball mount, while the SA 34 is not. It had also greater aiming angles in elevation and traverse.
In german service the gun was called Pak 113(f) L/77

Pictures of the SA 34 and SA-L 37: (Click to show)



The AHA IN6 (Inspectorate of Motorized Troops) requested a small armored Half track to accompany tanks on the offensive and perform auxiliary mission in 1939. These tasks were (not limited to) Scouting, mobile HQ, command vehicle, radio vehicle, forward observer and ammo carrier. And be smaller compared to the then also in development Sd.Kfz.251, its bigger brother.
It was an development of the Sd.Kfz.10, which was made by Demag, who was allready recognized for their expertise in very small and fast half tracks, which was recently accepted into service. Of these Sd.Kfz.10 were around 12.000 produced until 1945 and additional 6.628 of the armored version Sd.Kfz.250. The armored body was designed and produced by Büssig-NAG abd called Leichter gepanzerter Mannschafts Transportwagen (light armored troop transporter) with the number Sd.Kfz.250. Build from 1939-1944.

In Game it would offer a fast (up to 75 km/h) playstyle with a relatively (for its size) powerfull gun, allready in game available on 2 french tanks. With a relatively high survivability, because of good armor (for the class of the vehicle, 14,5mm/30°) and the big engine compartment in the front, while also having good armor penetraiton of 71mm and good velocity of 950m/s. The vehicle will also show the historical aspect of the german army, to use captured equipment such as vehicles and guns to fill their holes in their own equipment and arm most vehicles available.

The Gun:
2,5 cm Pak 113(f) L/77 and AA Mg 42
-10 to +26° elevation, +/-37° Traverse at ~30°/sec speed.
Unknown amount of ammo, tho it would be stacked in the back in their own transport boxes.
Game play perspective only 1 round will be available, sadly no He rounds did exist.

However, by a german document, there was a 6,6 cm Heat round and more.(Click to show)


Leichter Schützenpanzerwagen (Sd.Kfz.250) Ausf. A and B

Pzgr. 122(f) (APC) 0,32kg 950-960m/s 71-73mm/10m (last source gives 960m/s=)
(In game the round is only 0,31kg, idk.) A identical round with tracer was also available.

Picture of German Ammo Chart: (Click to show)

6,6 cm Becher. Hl. Gr. (Heat) 2,0 kg 0,575 Kg TNT (or H.5)

Here is some more info on 6,6 cm Hl Grenades. 6,6 cm HlGr 43

The Vehicle:
Sd.Kfz.250 Ausf. A
Length / Width / Height: 4,56 m / 1,95 m / 2,13 m
Crew: 4-5
Engine: HL 45 TRMK 100 Ps at 2800 rpm
Speed: Max speed by trails 75 km/h (drivers were told to not go faster than 65 km/h duo wear)
Weight: 5,8 ton
Front 14,5mm angled, Angled plates, sides and back 8mm, top and bottom 5,5mm
Gunshield (couldnt find the thickness)

Kennblätter fremden geräts heft 8a, Munition bis 3,6 cm
Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War two
Greenhill Armored Fighting Vehicles Data Book
Manual R-7 of the spanish Army Madrid 1944 Ammunition for the 25 mm Hotchkiss Puteaux SA-L 37 AT Gun


An excellent event vehicle. +1

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Yes for 2,5 cm Sd.Kfz.250. For the 6,6 HEAT round, I suspect a different gun was used to launch it.

It is that gun. In the suggestion (from the beginning) i even added the Panzerbeschusstafel Nr.42 6,6 cm Schießbecher auf 2,5 cm Pak 112(f) (frz. 34 SA) und 2,5 cm Pak 113(f) (frz 37 SA-L) mit 6,6 cm Schießb Hl Gr.
You can look at it. This and more is in the suggestion.

Ohh, thank you for clarification, didn’t realize it, I suppose it’s an external “grenade” ammo, the same as the Rifle grenades in WW2? Not too common on vehicles though due to poor ranges (against other armored engagements), usually they’re found on fixed guns handled by infantry, but it would be a nice gimmick.

It is pretty much a oversized rifle grenade, a adaption of the 6,6 cm grenade for 2 cm Guns (Flak and KwK)
Ranges arent that limited, like with the Modified Pzb. 39 which fired such. This one has an “effective” range of 250m, max range is a bit further. But overall this round would be nice in game for 2 reasons:
Help against heavy tanks and be an ersatz for an He round.
Ballancing (and perhaps realism) wise it could be given a dedicated longer reload for that specific ammo, like was allready the case back in the day for the ATGM fired by the MBT-70, compared to the Heat and Apdsfs.

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I love the idea of the special HEAT round to give the vehicle some versatility. Hopefully we get to see something like it for the 3.7 cm PaK for another vehicle in the future as well.

Found another Picture:
Reidentified the gun as the SA-L 34, its a more powerfull version. (When looking at it closely it looks like the ball mount of the SA-L)

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