2,5 cm Flak Hotchkiss (f) auf Sd.Kfz.251

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I would like to suggest the Sd.Kfz. 251 with an 2,5 cm Flak Hotchkiss (f) mounted on it, sadly i do not know the history of the exact vehicle, however, there are the decals visible on the front plate of the 12th SS Panzerdivision, so perhaps someone else with more knowlege may know more.

But what is it? Its simple, Germany needed many vehicles and Guns, for AA and AT purposes, for that reason even all usable captured equipment was put to use or modified.
In the french campain a lot of material such as the 2,5 cm Flak Hotchkiss (f) or formaly known as the 2,5 cm Mle 40, fireing the 25x163mm ammo at 400rpm were captured. While not as much liked with the crews than the 2 cm Flak 38 for its lower fire rate, lower ammo count of 15 rounds and less convinient magazins, it was nonetheless still an powerfull and strong gun. In game it can be put at the lower Brs such as 2.3 (like the stronger but unarmored russian 2,5 cm Truck AA gun). It will offer an tradeoff for players to choose, with less fire rate and ammo pool for more damage and penetration on an greatly liked chassis the Sd.Kfz. 251 which can be allready found in game in a couple of different versions.

It will be an interesting and nice vehicle while also showing the need of the German army to use captured equipment to fill the own gaps.
It is a Mle 1940 with the higher fire rate and different higher mounting, as the other 1938 and 1939 mounting would not fit, they are far lower to the ground. (See below where the gun is a good tat higher than the gunner and over the ground.)

Pictures:(Click to show)


The Gun, the 2,5 cm Flak Hotchkiss (f) (Mle 1940)
25x163mm 400rpm with 15 round magazins
Ammo: Ap-T and He
The Ap-T 0,26 kg solid 875m/s with 50mm/10m Penetraiton
The He-T 0,24 kg 0,01 kg TnT 900m/s

The Vehicle, Sd.Kfz. 251 Ausf. D
Is the standard Sd.Kfz. 251 Ausf. D which is one of the most know and famous Halftracks and quite potent at that.

Armour Front (Slope angle) Sides Rear Roof
Hull 14.5 mm (20°) Engine compartment
14.5 mm (30°) Driver cabin
8 mm (41°) Lower glacis 8 mm (41°) Top - Engine
8 mm (35°) Top - Crew compartment
8 mm (19°) Bottom - Engine
8 mm (34°) Bottom - Crew compartment
8 mm + 8 mm (34°) Storage bins
8 mm Bottom - Undercarriage 8 mm (31°)
5.5 mm (42°) Lower glacis 8 mm (8°) Engine compartment
8 mm
Gun shield N/A

Speed forward / back

AB 57 / 12 km/h

RB and SB 53 / 11 km/h

Number of gears 8 forward 2 back

Weight 8.0 t

Engine power

AB 191 hp

RB and SB 100 PS HL 42 TRKM Engine

Power-to-weight ratio

AB 23.9 hp/t

RB and SB 12.5 hp/t
And a Crew of 5.

The Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II
Vorschrift D 660/4, Mittlerer gepanzerter Kraftwagen, (Sd.Kfz.251), auf Fahrgestell des Zgkw 3t, Typ Hkl 6p, (Grundfahrzeug der mittleren Schützenpanzerwagen und Abarten), Gerätebeschreibung und Bedienungsanweisung zum Fahrgestell, 1943
Die motorisierten Schützen und Panzergrenadiere des deutschen Heeres 1935–1945.

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+1 for sure!

Would love this as a starter vehicle for a future Beutepanzer branch!
It also works well in one of the TD lines or as an event vehicle.

More flak tracks are always wekcome! +1

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