1v1 game mode for air battles?

had a thought for a 1v1 mode, guns only, in the merge with another aircraft. This solves the issue of missiles and lets you focus on a dogfight without constantly looking around for missiles. Also, it would guarantee that you wouldn’t fight the same plane as your own, so engagements would actually be interesting


A tournament style like in rocket league sounds like a lot of fun. Which run at fixed times, to avoid extending queue times during the nights etc…
Nicely presented with a good UI. And Rotating fixed BRs. If it is super popular multiple BRs could be offered.
Normal RB rewards, plus a nice reward at the end (nothing major, just so it feels bad if you don´t win but still feel you made progress)

Only you would need to fix head on gamble so a map with the mount Everest in the middle and a capture point on top after 2 minutes.

I could imagine that working well, maybe even without plane spotting like in ground RB.
Warthunder could use some fun modes, but they don´t need to do it you get no rewards like in some special events.


I think abt this all the time idk how they haven’t implemented it permanently

They used to have “Duel” events, usually 2 v 2 tho, but they were very fun and a neat set up, countdown to go, then a :30 timer with no weapons, then have at!! . . it was quite fun, and way before missiles, or automated weaponry came into the game. Yeah, I like the true dogfighting best myself . . . if only on weekends or something . . . would be cool to bring some of that stuff back.