1986 vs 1945 ( 7.3)

I never had a problem saying anything to about MM. But this is now lost quite modern tanks that are in the rank with WWII. This game started as World War II now unfortunately it is not anymore. This is total var vs modern age war. Lots of different fictional tanks in one map. This is now WOT 2.0 if you continue to work like this, you will have a lot of trouble correcting your mistakes. I don’t understand why you don’t let people play WW2 only tanks in that era? Look now 6.0 paladin artillery what is he doing there? A-10 in the sky against IS-2. WAKE UP! FIX THIS! we need a game to enjoy the old era if you already love the modern era so much then separate the branches and flags your not a t-90 soviet tank but a russian federation. Look at what you’re doing. The first option is placed, so it is out of balance. it’s not right too much has become fictional in the fights and some tanks that have been pushed from the future. It turns out to be science fiction. fix


Sweden 1950s Pbv 301 or any “WW2” tanks says hello

Name one advantage Paladin truly has over vehicles at the same BR.
Poor armor, meh mobility, unstable platform, wonky shell characteristics, unsatisfactory reload, unstabilized.
It’s fairly survivable due to it’s open space and thin armor that hardly triggers APHE, but that’s it.

And excuse me, but the IS-2 and A-10 cannot in fact face one another if they are played at their own BRs. There is nothing here to fix.

Excellent movilty and can one shot EVERYTHING. Due vehicles like this heavy tanks are useless.
And is a M-109, Paladin is only the A6 variant.

Just to make sure, you selected Ground Realistic battles right and didn’t go into a custom battle? The A-10 cannot in any way, shape or form fight the IS-2 in ground battles UNLESS you get up tiered by someone in your squad or you aren’t paying attention to your battle rating range and have something that is at least 9.3 in your line up dragging you up to A-10 BR.

The Paladin is unremarkable at its current BR, it can and will one shot tanks with enough knowledge of over pressure and weak spots but its not omnipotent against tanks of BR 5.0. I’m honestly a bit confused why this is even a question when a BT-7M can kill a lot of Modern, pre-modern MBTs in game like the Leopard I’s.

Era is only a small part of a tanks capabilities in game and you get rewarded handsomely for taking out higher BR vehicles in lower ones.


There is what, like 2? That being both Ho-ri. Which are very questionable.

Germany had some which were removed in terms of obtainability.

  1. Thats not how the game works
  2. Not how IRL works where a immobilized FT-17 vs M1A2 SEP is not out of the question.
  3. A game separation where the late war medium tanks like the T-54, Centurion and similar dominate over every other vehicle is not that interesting.
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To name: Coelian (Flakpanzer 341), Tiger II 10,5cm and the Panther II (Didn’t include the Maus as its obtainable yearly).

If Gaijin wanna make extra money they can actually put them up for sale as a limited time offer, bet they will make big bucks bro

These vehicles filled out the old top tier Germany used to have, however that time is long gone and so are the tanks. No doubt gaijin wouldn’t make stonks from selling them again but it wont happen as they simply didn’t exist in the models they have.

Because players who have them are allowed to keep them and still able to use them in-game, an idea to make it available for everyone again wouldn’t be unreasonable I guess, maybe for the sake of money lol it’s understandable if they completely remove them from the game, but some players are allowed to keep using them so that defeat the purpose of “it isn’t real so it must be removed bros”

I dont know why people still asking for Panther 2 and Tiger 105. Since the last BRs change both are unnplayble. Germany between 6.7 to 7.7 is right now under 40% win ratio… AGAIN…

The only reason we get to keep them is because we earned them when they were available. That’s really all there is to those.

Oh yay, it’s the weekly historical MM post. Fine. strv m/31 versus the T-55A. Happy?


Doesn’t beat immobilized FT-17 in Afghanistan vs the soviets and later americans. Which is M1A2 SEP territory.

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How exactly is the Ho-Ri fake? Genuine question. I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about it, and talking about the controversy but exactly what is wrong about it/why is it in the game if it’s fake?

Iirc its partially part of the bunch of vehicles like the R2Y2 which got frabricated documents.

That or its based on a wooden mockup model and thats about it. Did it exist? Maybe, ive seen more compelling evidence the OI existed at the very least

The Ho-Ri prototype was actually just 2 wooden mockups that then got dumped in a lake and the Ho-Ri production is entirely made up. It never even reached prototype stage irl, let alone production.

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That isn’t true. For some reason, the A-10 is in the aircraft list for that BR in Arcade. I have seen it before, and was very, very confused about what was happening. You’re 100 percent right about realistic though.

I don’t really play Arcade so that much would be beyond me^^

Pre-WW2 vs 90s (Coastal battles)