17 pounder ap shells do no damage

This affects almost every British vehicle around 4.7 to 6.0 and is driving me crazy.
So, I have been playing British tanks trying to get back to higher tiers and so, naturally, I have to use tanks with the 17 pounder and the quick 17 pounder. However, when in a live game most of the shells barely scratch the enemy.
This happens very frequently, even on complete side on shots, the ap to APCBC shell at most turns components orange. Not to mention the near complete lack of spell.
This is not me complaining about bad damage of ap shells, I know how much damage they do regularly and this is just soo much worse. I only see this happen on live games in realistic battles and not the test drive, kinda like one of the bugs with atgms.
I speculate that the damage preset for the 17 pounder shells has mistakenly been swapped with a much smaller caliber.
Finally, I must add that the only ap shell that doesn’t have this is apds, which spalls and does damage as normal.