16vs16 air RB

War Thunder, as an air combat simulator, offers intense confrontations where players can fly a variety of aircraft and engage in exciting battles. However, the 16 vs 16 format presents challenges and problems that are worth examining.

One of the main issues is team balance. With 16 players on each side, it can be difficult to ensure that teams are balanced in terms of skills, aircraft levels and tactics. This can lead to glaring imbalances that have a direct impact on the gaming experience.

Another challenge is managing the chaos of such massive battles. Maps can become overcrowded, visual cues can be difficult to follow, and coordinating a team of 16 players can become chaotic. This can make battles less strategic and more about raw action.

Finally, there is the problem of performance. Some players’ servers and Internet connections may not be optimised to handle such large battles. This can lead to delays, disconnections and frustration, spoiling the gaming experience.

In order to improve the 16 vs 16 format, the developers of War Thunder could consider more sophisticated matchmaking mechanisms, incentive rewards for playing strategic roles and adjustments to ensure stable performance across all servers. By addressing these issues, War Thunder could offer more balanced, strategic and rewarding mass battles for all virtual pilots. i love this game i really do but the 16v16 is a big problem in plane and the maps become less and less big for aircraft and their current capabilities. any way have a good day. and pls fix it for the well-being of the game and its future

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