16v16 is a joke

can we get 8v8 back? man i swear there is 250 thousand daily players in the game queue times won’t get effected, ARB is just unplayable at all… its just a mess i can’t have any sort of situational awareness what so ever and everything is just laggy and messy flares ruining my seeker and my radar doesn’t lock be cause there is 10 planes just roaming around in a prop map… this is just messy and unacceptable, and don’t think 8v8 should be only for amraams, 8v8 is needed from 9.0 to 12.7.


yeah, tbh, if we want ARH to not become a new meta, 8v8 would be better. yeah, getting some high-kill game would be harder, but it gives the average player more actual effect on the match outcome.

I also support that in ARB, an 8v8 or even a 6v6 would be much more reasonable compared to a 16v16 for modern jets.

But on the other hand, I’m worried that in a 8v8 game, the negative impact of bombing war zones on victory will be greatly magnified. Without changing the existing game mechanics, playing with 8v8 would result in winning or losing depending more heavily on Gaijin’s team assignments.

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11.7-12.7. Below 11.7 it is easy to have situational awaraness

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PVE was never really taken care of from the start in Warthunder, and we are more likely to see a 4.5th gen aircraft then a stratigic bomber ever, its just a sad trusht that you have to accept

The only way I see this being fixed is uh, Air RB EC? 8v8 could be on smaller maps (like the prop ones) with pure TDM gameplay, and Air RB EC having the objectives.


i like 16 vs 16 because modern jets carry many good missiles. For example, Su 27 with 10 missile cannot destroy all 16 planes in 1 round

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this is exactly why gaijin refuses to add 8v8, be cause it takes actual pure skills to play it.


Vote with your time and wallet.
I simply won’t touch ARB as long as it’s 16v16.

Do you understand, that making 8 vs 8 players will bring negative affects, such as lowered sl and rp farm?

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Nearly every game I play, by the time I die for the first time most of the team is already dead 3 times and left the game while the other team is still full strength.

It happens nearly every single game I’ve played for the last three weeks.

If it were 8 v 8, no game (realistic tank battles) would last more than about 3 minutes tops before one team, the one I’m on more times than not, is completely gone.

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they can be raised.

I just want the old limit of 12v12 back. 8v8 would cause issues with stock/uptiered planes having a much larger negative impact on the match. It would also be very boring on a large map if someone is just running away and hiding, specifically below 10.7 where radars are much less common.

16v16 sucks, 12v12 is the best.

Its takes actual pure skill to play it

That is very arguable. IMO there is little to no skill involved in missile thunder.

With how uncoordinated everyone is, 8v8 will be a mess of squads clubbing everything, teammates stupidly dying which will have a heavy influence on wins, and some very quick games. not to mention some fighters dominating games (which they already do) in downtiers, eg any 12.3, 12.0, 11.3, etc.

There might be instances where skill matters like on Pyrenees, maneuvering terrain to flank but the game will be over before you'd even get there and not everyone will take the gamble.

10 v 10 or 12 v 12 is golden ground IMO

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of course just 8v8 won’t be enough, 8v8, BR decompression, and only RB maps. and for the matter of the team acting goofy and some fighters dominating, well thats what we want to balance these planes and make them not so OP and 8v8 is the way to go, if the Su27 was insanly strong as an example gaijin eithe nerf it or add a proper counter. i still think adding something as modern as the su27 was a mistake be cause of it’s insane loadout. 12v12 and 10v10 won’t really fix much sure its less players but again its still crowded enough to make the game somewhat luck based. for the matter of skills…slinging missiles does Need skills be cause skilled gameplay isn’t only about knowing what to do in props, its also about being technical in top tier. and about the stock grind you are totally right the stock grind should be reworked be cause if 8v8 was implemented it would have a big effect like imagine 4 spaded su27s agaist 2-3 stock planes…you got the idea. lots of problems come with 8v8 but that’s not be cause 8v8 is bad but rather gaijin’s stupid decisions.

L take.

We need 6v6 or 8v8.

I like the challenge of 16v16, if I want less challenge I go to props.

Play tournaments then.

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