155mm Gun Tank T58 - "The Biggest Iron"

Would you like to see the 155mm Gun Tank T58 in game?
  • Yes, as a tech tree vehicle
  • Yes, as a premium vehicle
  • Yes, as an event vehicle
  • Yes, as a squadron vehicle
  • No, I would not like to see the T58 in game.
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Some believe this photograph to be a mockup or model, but others have cast doubt upon this. Noteworthy is the serial number on the left side of the tank: this matches the serial shown in the same position on a photograph of the tank without its gun installed (shown later). Also worth considering is that unlike a traditional model or mockup against a white background, the T58 pictured here casts no shadow, suggesting that the photo’s original background was removed. Possibly, as author R.P. Hunnicutt claims, this is indeed a photograph of the T58 heavy fully assembled (sans rangefinder and AA machine gun in this photograph).


The 155mm Gun Tank T58 was an American prototype heavy tank made in the immediate postwar period. Like the British, the Americans were exploring ways to defeat the Soviet IS-3 heavy tank. These solutions generally fell into the line of, “have more armor and a bigger gun than they do”. To this end, the “Tripartite Conference on Armor and Bridging of October 1951” recommended a specific requirement for a 155mm gun tank. The gun was meant to use HEAT and HEP (American designation for HESH) shells. The advantage behind these ammo types was that they would not lose effectiveness with range, unlike conventional armor piercing ammunition. The T58 was effectively an upscaled version of the 120mm Gun Tank T57. Both had oscillating turrets with an automatic loading system. Unlike the T57, however, the T58 used separated ammunition for its gun, and due to the nature of the 155mm ammunition, the automatic loading system was much different.



An illustration of the loading mechanism and the entire gun system inside the tank. The gunner, unusually, sat on the right side of the tank, while the loader and commander were on the left.

The T180 (formerly T7E2) cannon was a modified version of the low-velocity T7 cannon found on the T30 heavy tank that accepted ammunition from an automatic loading system. The T58 had a six-round drum to feed ammunition to the cannon. To load the gun, the loader had to first put the charge into the cylinder, followed by the projectile, which would be power-hoisted from the ready rack into the cylinder. The loader had to manually turn the cylinder to line up the proper shell type. Then, both the cartridge and projectile were rammed into the breech. Finally, once the gun fired, the cartridge would be ejected back into the cylinder, where the loader would manually have to remove it. Provided the loader wasn’t replenishing the cylinders, the six-shot drum provided a high rate of fire of 23 rounds per minute, but a lengthy replenishing process.

New Photographs of Heavy Tank T58 : r/TankPorn

Since the T180 cannon was meant to fire chemical shells, high velocity was not required, and the shell velocity was only 2,300 ft/s (701 m/s). Even despite this, the gun was extremely potent for 1950’s standards. The HEAT shell offered 16 inches (406 mm) penetration at 0 degrees impact, with 8 inches (203 mm) penetration at 60 degrees. The HEP shell offered 7 inches (178 mm) perforation capability at all angles. The tank was able to store 32 rounds of 155mm ammunition, an impressive amount. Besides the main gun, the T58 had a 7.62mm Browning coaxial machine gun, as well as a 12.7mm anti-aircraft gun on the commander’s hatch. The automatic loading system necessitated an oscillating turret, as attempts to mount such a system on the T43 heavy tank’s turret (prototype of the M103) had previously failed. The T43 hull is effectively that of the M103, while the turret was completely new. It had 5 inches (127 mm) of frontal armor sloped at 60 degrees for both the hull and turret, offering very good protection. The oscillating turret was limited to a mediocre + 12 / - 8 degrees of elevation.

New Photographs of Heavy Tank T58 : r/TankPorn

The main thing that killed the T58 project was the shift in U.S. doctrine to the main battle tank concept. As designers focused on more well-rounded concepts for new tanks, the heavy tanks would be left behind. Some other contributing factors were probably the lackluster mobility, poor travel range, and low velocity gun making first hit in engagements less likely. America’s last heavy tank, the M103, would be introduced shortly before the two T58 turrets were scrapped in 1957.


155mm Gun Tank T58

Crew: 5

Weight: 66 tons

Powerplant: Continental AV-1790-7 twelve cylinder gasoline engine

  • 810 gross horsepower
  • 650 net horsepower

Power to weight ratio: 12.3 hp/ton gross (9.8 hp/ton net)

Maximum speed: 22 mph (35.4 km/h)


  • Main gun: T180 155mm cannon (32 rounds)
    • Rate of fire (six shots): 23 rounds/minute
    • Traverse: 18 degrees/sec, 360 degree range
    • Elevation: 4 degrees/sec, + 12 / - 8 degree range
    • Muzzle velocity: 2,300 ft/s (701 m/s)
    • HEAT ammunition: 406 mm (16 inches) armor penetration at 0 degrees, 203 mm (8 inches) at 60 degrees
    • HEP ammunition: 178 mm (7 inches) armor perforation at any angle
  • Coaxial machine gun: Browning M1919A4 7.62 mm (.30 cal) machine gun (6,500 rounds)
  • Anti-aircraft machine gun: Browning M2HB 12.7mm (.50 cal) machine gun (1,200 rounds)


  • Hull:
    • Upper glacis: 127 mm (5 inches) CHA at 60 degrees
    • Lower glacis: 102 mm (4 inches) CHA at 50 degrees
    • Upper side: 50.8 mm (2 inches) RHA at 0 degrees
    • Lower side: 44 mm (1.75 inches) RHA at 0 degrees
    • Upper rear: 38 mm (1.5 inches) RHA at 30 degrees
    • Lower rear: 25.4 mm (1 inch) RHA at 60 degrees
  • Turret:
    • Front: 127 mm (5 inches) CHA at 60 degrees
    • Sides: 83 mm (3.25 inches) to 70 mm (2.78 inches) CHA from 20 to 40 degrees
    • Rear: 50.8 mm (2 inches) CHA at 40 degrees

Additional equipment:

  • T50E1 stereoscopic rangefinder




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A weapon to surpass the Maus! +1


Yes please, such a beautiful vehicle +1

god yes please i would love this. I have been asking for the T57 and T58 for a very long time

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An exceptional 8.3 TT vehicle

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Ready to lose my mind if Gaijin makes another viable US T tank that is needed to fill the bad lineups, as an event vehicle or premium. Our top tier light line is already paywalled. I feel extremely poor emotions towards gaijin with the way they often handle the US tree.

Another example is the XM-1 being premium while being just straight better than the XM-803 and MBT-70. One of those couldve been premium instead


+1 for tech tree vehicle at 7.7 with realistic reload rate, the T54E1 was butchered by having its realistic reload rate cut by 2.5x (from 30-35 RPM to ONLY 12 RPM), the US built better oscilatting turret tanks with faster autoloaders than the French which should be reflected in-game (or the French 4s reload should be nerfed to 10s to reflect the T54E1 nerf)

Haven’t used the XM-803 but have both XM-1s and the KPZ-70. The KPZ/MBT-70 is pretty good for 9.3, nearly on par with the XM-1 and more capable than, say, the Leo 1A5. I think the proto-Abrams fit better as premiums than the MBT series. That being said, the three would benefit greatly from an HE shell. Give BONK capabilities with that laser rangefinder.

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An absolute +1 from me, It would be nice to eventually see all three of the Oscillating turret Heavy Tanks (ie T57, T58, and T77) in-game at some point in the US Heavy Line.

It would be a OP tank

Armor not that great tho.

Yeah sure if they throw it at 5.0 lmao

There’s this thing called higher battle ratings that, when a strong vehicle gets put at a higher battle rating, it suddenly won’t be as “OP.” Shocking concept, I know

The thing called HEAT shell coming at your turret:
Btw this NEEDS to be TT since they already made the T54E1 premium. I’d be so mad if it ends up being a premium or event vehicle. Too many recently added cool prototype vehicles endee up being premium and it’s a shame cause 1. Not many people can play and enjoy them 2. There’s less diversity in the matches since everyone plays always the same vehicles or slight variations of it. While this thing would totally be unique and somewhat similar to the french Surbaissé (which was also a prototype but was put in the TT, while the Surblindé, arguably the better version of it ended up being an event vehicle)


some one is salty

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Imagine an M103 with 155mm 23RPM at 7.7 lol

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Got my own personal stalker-simp, nice!

Every thread i see you in you have some sort of bad take