M657A2 HE for MBT/KPZ-70 and XM-803

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Give the MBT/KPZ-70 and XM-803 the M657A2 HE round found on the M551 and M60A2. The XM150E5 cannon found on these vehicles historically could fire the ammunition.

The M657A2 would not significantly increase the vehicles’ performances. In almost every situation, HEAT or APFSDS would be a better shell option. However, big HE bonk shells are fun, making the M657A2 a good (and extremely easy) addition to a trio of old vehicles.


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If no, why not?

I really dont know why all the other 152mm gun launchers have it and the XM and MBT dont, it seems like a no brainer for them to have it.

Heck, given the lackluster HEAT performance stock, having a funni HE shell that actually works sometimes would be a real fun change of pace.

It probably was to simplify the grind when the vehicle was first added. Remember, these tonks were the added as the top dogs at a time before overpressure. HE was a lot less effective, so there was no reason to complicate the vehicle. Since then Gaijin just hasn’t updated the vehicle because they almost never do.

But the game has changed a lot since then- modification research is easier, the MBT/KPZ are no longer top tier, and HE is a lot more effective. There’s no reason not to add HE as a stock round alongside HEAT, and it’d only take like 5 minutes to copy and paste from the Sheridan, then change the muzzle velocity.

They won’t add it, because the stock grind would be better, and they don’t want that xd.

Nah, it’s because it’s not top tier. Heavens forbid Gaijin put any effort into improving 90% of the game instead of adding a new top tier powercreep for USA or Russia.