152mm vs 125mm High Explosive

I noticed that russian 125mm HE rounds are very good with 42mm of penetration, but for example USA 152mm HE has only 38mm of pen? I was trying to find the photos to compare the shell to human hand, that way its easier to tell how big the shell is and by the look of it, it looks a bit bigger, but in the game 125mm is heavier, has more explosive mass, more pen … whats going on here? Shouldnt 152mm be better ?

152mm shell

125mm shell

are you talking about the he from the sheridan and starship? because thats the only 152 mm in the us tt.
btw this is the correct round, not the russian 152 mm round that you used to claim that the m657a2 looks “bigger”.

Btw the russian 3of26 uses a-IX-2, not plain tnt.

(Isn’t the XM-803 and MBT-70 also a 152mm gun carrier?)

sure, but it doesn’t have an he in game.


The size of the rounds doesnt matter, the amount of explosives does.
US 152 HE: 4.3kg of tnt
USSR 125 HE: 5.24kg of tnt

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i was trying to campare t72 he round with some usa variants like you mentioned sheridan and starship, unfortunely mbt70 doesnt have he round … its a bit weird that bigger round is lighter and has less explosive mass

it isnt bigger, it has a larger diameter, which is not the same thing, they are both have around the same volume which is what matters for the weight.

isnt that convenient for t72? i think only they get these sneaky he rounds that can destroy almost anything

how so? do you have any source that shows that the explosive mass of the he m657 a2 or the 3of26 are wrong?, because until now you only have made baseless claims, and wrong comparatives.

they get them because they are widely in use in the Russian/soviet army.

no i dont have any source that would confirm that 152 is better than 125 … but is there any source to that?

yes there are.

here it states that the amount of explosives is 4.3 kg like in game.

As for the 3of 26 there is source as well.
Here it list the amount of explosive which are 3.4 kg and its equivalent in TNT which is 5.24 kg just like in game.

This is like a 5 min google research dude.

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russian faction is always getting good stuff in the game, nuke aphe rounds or some rockets or unpenetrable armor … i wonder if its only on a paper

well, it seems like you choose to double down on shitposting…

Because they designed it like that? Merkava gets HE with 61 mm of pen but somehow T72 without LRF, Thermals and 42 mm of pen is problematic???
You literally need those rounds to deal with Leopards and STRVs who are camping with their unpenetrable turrets and even then you need to eye ball gunners sight to overpressure it.

Germans have better rounds with more pen and same effect like Russian APHE. Soivets dont have unpenetrable armour , its just angled and you dont know where to shoot bruh. Pure skill issue on your part

Not every round is made the same way. Germans in ww2 made HE rounds with as much filler as they could fit.

Just like how bombs can be the same weight yet have different explosive masses. Different nations with different wants/needs