13.0 planes banned from AAA ( Assault. Air Arcade). Why?

Hello my fellow pilots,

Could someone explain to me why the snail banned the 13.0 planes in AAA?

At midnight GMT, I could “use” them to join the AAA battle, but in fact I couldn’t join, there was to many players in queue.

Now this afternoon around 12H (Paris hour) the 13.0 planes were banned.

So, as stated above, does anyone knows what is happening?
I need to grind, get the 300% SL/RP booster and a backup.

I’ve uploaded photos showing that the 13.0 planes are grey and you can’t use them in AAA.

I thank you in advance for your response.


Force you to pay or suffer.


I already spent GE, but wtf is Gaijin is doing

Does this explain why I couldn’t get a game going last night? It didn’t say anything about being “banned”

True, I was waiting for 10 minutes last night and i have never seen so much ppl going to AAA.

I couldn’t use any 13.0 plane but when I chose one at 12.7, It was all good.

It didn’t let me choose my 12.7 ones either - though I was specifically aiming to unlock my AIM-120s on my F-16C (and get a booster).

And the day of the patch I was able to use my F-16C (technically it was the day after the patch because I started after 7PM Central Time) - last night the 13.0 aircraft were not greyed out… but it wouldn’t let me in.

What is the chance of anyone in a 6.7-12.0 getting any score in matches with the new 13.0s?

Can the 6.7-13.0 matchmaker cope with a large jump to players putting many 13.0s in the queue?

Could they handle it better?

My only answer is to my third point; yes.

The other two points are food for thought.

The fact that they haven’t updated the levels for this mode is ridiculous, but 13.0 isn’t much different than 12.0 when it comes to that disparity, why change it now (and why in the worst possible way)?


Can the 6.7-13.0 matchmaker cope with a large jump to players putting many 13.0s in the queue?

That’s exactly what I thought, they probably didn’t update the matchmakers to include 13.0

Good question, we can only guess. But obviously this 13.0 addition has been different from those before.

I could hold my own due to score variances related to BRs in 6.7-7.7s when the 29s and 16s were added.

So we wonder what is different with this new release.

And yes, the huge MM for the last bracket could do with a review. Of course waiting 10+ minutes for a bad team who fail on the lower brackets might be hinting at what might happen.

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Only Gaijin staff will know of course. Either a bug/cockup or some unexplained reason (so hopefully a mod/dev notices your post and we find out why).

Probably linked to this:

Seems to be people in 13.0s, but not sure as people always omit important information 😝

Edit: And this:

This is weird though, because I absolutely saw F-16Cs with AMRAAMs on patch day (when air assault wasn’t giving rewards)

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I responded to that post - The day (after) of the patch I played my F-16C and almost unlocked my AIM-120s (nearly 24,000 RP) - I didn’t play a second game and the next day I was one of the ones waiting (and never getting to play) in the queue. I have not yet seen 13.0 greyed out so I’ll have to check back after work.

No coincidence they made the 13.0 modification grind absolutely awful, and then banned from AAA


@Smin1080p @Stona_WT @gromvoiny

Do you think we could get an official explanation of the reasoning behind this change? a change of this magnitude that wasn’t listed in the changelog and breaks with established precedent is somewhat inconvenient.




The answer is obvious. They made the stock grind impossible in PVP and banned the planes from PVE so people will have to spend GE.


They took the time to do this after the update but they left 6.7 playing with 12.7. I mean come on guys do better!


Nothing has been said or done with this mode in years at this point. It’s a symptom of the current business model sadly. SaD update being a prime example. Large amounts of premium vics, and large amounts of copy-paste to focus on attracting new players to buy top tier premiums with no focus what so ever on long term player retention. Things like Assault modes are left for their code to rot.


Man these game devs shafted stock/not 100% meta planes so much in the last update that people are literally playing pve rather than trying to unlock things in random battles 😭😭😭😭