120s Turret Armor discrepancies

The M1A2 and 120s have the same turret(they don’t), with the same armor, at the same protection values(not necessarily), and no visual differences in the turrets armor via x-ray.


3BM42 shred through the turret face at 35° AoA and say 415 mm of protection
3BM42 bounces off the turret face at 35° AoA and say 620 mm of protection

Gaijin, explanation not needed.

They don’t.

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The 120S uses the M1A1 turret, which just as you’ve complained can be frontally penetrated by 3BM42.

The M1A2 uses the DU modifier turrets that are the same from every Abrams past the M1A1 HC spare the M1A1 AIM.

The 120S and M1A2 do not share the same turret.

Hope this clears the obvious confusion up for you.


Wow it would appear you’re correct, my mistake! Shall I delete this now? lol edit: nvm only mods can