120mm Griffin Technology Demonstrator: The Frankentank

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220px-Flag_of_the_United_States_svg.png. 120mm Griffin Technology Demonstrator: The Frankentank


General Dynamics Land System’s 120mm Griffin Technology Demonstrator, also known as the Griffin I.

  • Description:
    • General Dynamics Land System’s Griffin is a technology demonstrator first revealed at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) conference in 2016. The vehicle was designed as a company development project as well as a “conversation piece” to address the United States Army need/lack of a rapid deployable light tank. The vehicle, designed from a multitude of projects including: the AJAX AFV, the Future Combat Systems (FCS) Program, and Fire Control components of the M1 Abrams and allows for an open architecture design to accept future technology and designs. Due to the open architecture design, this vehicle allows for the implementation of Active Protection Systems. Another feature is to be able to mount multiple different guns such as a 105mm M68-series Gun, the 120mm M256-series Gun, and the 120mm XM360 Gun which is featured on the Technology Demonstrator. The gun was developed originally for the XM1202 MCS project which was originally due to replace the M1 Abrams. This is all housed in the Griffin’s turret which itself is a scaled down version of the M1A2 SEPv2 Abrams turret. This scaled down turret has a weight of 8t vs. the M1A2 SEPv2 turret which weighs 22t. This turret houses the same electrical components, displays, and parts with same crew placement, however without the composite armor protection. Due to the vehicles dimensions and weight, it is designed to fit two into a single C-17 Globemaster. This vehicle was a starting point for the Griffin II tank currently competing in the Mobile Protected Firepower program. Some of the information below was based on the AJAX/ASCOD family of vehicles from which this is part of as well.
  • Armament:
    • Main Weapon: XM360 120mm Smoothbore Gun
      • Rounds:
        • M829A3 APFSDS-T
        • M830 HEAT-FS
        • M830A1 HEAT-MP-T
        • M908 HE-ORT
        • M1028 Cannister
    • Depression/Elevation: -10°/+20°
    • Additional Weapons:
      • Coaxial: 7.62mm M240C Machine Gun (w/ 3,600rds)
  • Maneuverability:
    • Engine: 800hp MTU Freidrichshafen V8 Diesel Engine
    • Transmission: RENK 6-speed HSWL 256B Transmission
    • Chassis: Torsion Bar
    • Max Speed: ~70-80kmh
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: ~7.6m
    • Width: ~3.4m
    • Height : ~3.1m
    • Weight: ~27-28t
  • Crew (4x):
    • Commander
    • Driver
    • Gunner
    • Loader
  • Features:
    • Optics:
      • Commander: Night/Day Periscope.
      • Gunner: Raytheon Gunner’s Primary Sight (2nd Generation FLIR)
      • Driver: Night/Day Periscope (Possible Thermal Viewer)
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • Addon/Composite Armor Capabilities:
      • The hull is designed to withstand up to 30mm rounds on the frontal arc and 14.5mm rounds on the sides. This is subject to change.
      • Scalable, can fitted with various composite armor panels in similar fashion as the AJAX AFV from which it is based on.
  • Reason for Implementation:
    • This vehicle is essentially a glass cannon that would make an excellent premium or event vehicle for the U.S. Ground Tech Tree. It’s relatively fast, utilizes powerful ammunition, however has limited armor for the high Battle Rating/Rank it would receive. Little is known about the armor but it has been stated by General Dynamics that is can be upscaled which should be similar to the already existing AJAX armor package.
  • Imagery/Videos:


Griffin Technology Demonstrator display panel from AUSA 2016.



Another view of the Griffin with the Commander’s cupola open.


Side view of the Griffin.


Another side view of the Griffin.


Frontal arc of the Griffin. The vehicle lacks a CITV.

General Dynamics Griffin TD during AUSA 2016.

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