12.0 to 13.0 in their own rank

Like have been playing my F4E for awhile now and honestly it’s not fun because of the jetz it’s fighting at the moment and does not belong at 11.0 vs 12.0 it’s just not right and fair to 11.0s and by god if your stock on 11.0 you might as well leave it’s not worth your time and pain to suffer on grinding sins you wont last longer then 2-3 mins game.

Like your slow and don’t have the same or modilty as the rest of the 12.0,it’s just pain.
Like I wanted to smash my keyboard or screen sooooooo many time because of 12 games in a row 12.0 and only one downtier. Your making 11.0 just so useless now and not fun. And playing with a friend is just a nightmare.

Please fix he BR for 12.0’s to 13.0 or 14.0 because they are not the same era jetz and balance it will make 11.0 better as well.

BTW Gajin that is every game you play at 11.0 and higher.