12.0 grb usa

Playing usa at top tier is simply a completely unbalanced & a miserable experience. I’m not even trying to claim the obvious ruzzian bias. I believe the biggest issue is the m1a1 aim dragging a lot of unqualified players into a match. And the reason they’re not “qualified” is due to them not having a lineup, not due to them being bad at the game (which most are).

I don’t know what gaijin can do now at this point to make matches more balanced. My only 2 suggestions would be to add iraq captured pantsir to us tt, and make ruzzia & usa match up much more liekely. Beyond that I can’t think of many easy solutions.

In conclusion playing top tier usa grb makes me legitametly want to cry at certain times. No other experience I’ve had in this game has caused me this much pain and legit misery. Ik this post prob won’t even get approved by mods, but there needs to be a place to vent about this game.

Here’s my ts https://thunderskill.com/en/stat/JustCauseWhiNot so you know I’m not just complaining because im bad. I know I’m not the greatest. But I’m well above average for ts, and ts is not representing most players I’d assume.


Sorry buddy, thunderskill says you are a bad player in sim, therfore your agrument is moot. Also if you want a fun experience you should try really any of the 8.7-9.3 aircraft that are currently being stomped by all the broken US vehicels just above those br’s

@T3ddy4 well your comment is moot, because you chose to irresponsibley pick and choose information to judge him by. You’re judging him on Sim saying he’s bad, when he’s only played 10 battles in Sim. But like around 8,000 in realistic. Which he is good in realistic. So don’t even go there.

And I know exactly why you did it. Because of the nature of the topic, his post is about helping USA. And I’ve seen your comments before. And you are truly Russian biased for sure. And maybe anti-USA. This player is giving his honest opinion on something and trying to figure out a way to help the situation he feels is unfair. And you’re just judging and commenting based on your past bias against USA and for Russia. Try being neutral for once and having some constructive feedback. You know you rated him on 10 battles in Sim instead of 8,000 battles in realistic, which he is good at. That’s wrong.


u r such an ignorant user, hes not even playing SIM so what do u expect? Also he is not talking bout SIM he says GRB so either u cannot read or youre just a common russia fanboy which obviously always deny the russian bias because hat in fact makes youre a more bad player because ur stats rely on biased outcomes. move along please…


really does make me laugh every time americans dont get sarcasm


There are some decent russian vehicles, and quite a few unbalanced premiums but that is exactly the same for america and germany, the bias is with tha major nations vs minor nations, not russia vs everyone else

I like things to be as balanced as possible. if the reason you are not having fun with america at top teir is because all your team is one death leaving in a squadron vehicle, thats not inbalance. If you can tell me honestly that the F-5C or E are balanced, or that the A-10, A6E and SU-25 variants deserve to be 10.0 and 10.3, or that the su-11 should be 7.3, or that the F-89 should be 7.0, or that the F-104A should be 9.3, then that speaks worlds for your understanding of balance. Here is a question for you, do you think the 76 Jumbo should be 6.3?

we were talking about top tier…

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Should the Jagpanther be 6.0 or the KV-220 5.7? What about the Tiger II P at 6.3? The point is irrelevant, but since we’re on the topic, I’d rather be in any of thse other vehicles than the Jumbo. The Jumbo 76 and the IS-2s could easily be 5.7 and balance the BR for everyone. Germany dominates 5.7, or they should at least if they didn’t have so many new players wanting to be Michael Wittman.

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The 76 Jumbo at 5.7? good god man. also no the KV-220 should not be 5.7, the tiger 2P has a pretty explitable weakspot and the jagdpanther is a casemate, they both could go up but i woldn’t say they are causing problems at the br’s they are right now. But imo the solution is to move the german vehicles up, not move loads of other vehicles down, because that would just compress the lower br’s and make some of the early tanks for many of the minor nations really painful to play, bieng disadvantaged already without proper lineups

Try sealing your mouth shut because your pilots are breaking late war - early jet prop matchmaking so hard that it’s not fun to play in that range, that 12.0 hardship is a risk that you’d have to take for ruining 5.0 - 7.0

Like i said the bias is with tha major nations vs minor nations, not russia vs everyone else. Have you played italian top teir? or japanese top teir? the only aa the japanese can use is the Type 93 at 9.0! spare me with the america suffers crap. Russia, germany and america will never suffer because they make the most money for gaijin, simple as. At least sweden is pretty good at top teir, they were spared getting shafted

Even if it’s a casemate it’s still lower than it should be. Sure, they can move the German vehicles up. I’m absolutely fine with that. Making fun of American mains for wanting the Jumbo lowered when there are PLENTY of OP vehicles at 5.7 which America has to face is just bias. My solution just involves moving two vehicles down a bit instead of moving the entire German 5.3-5.7 line-up up half a BR.

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honestly i have had fun with italian top tier because i play it knowing i have no armour so i dont get mad when something weird happens but yeah they suffer

Also had fun with japanese top tier except for trying to use the type 93 against anything at top tier that flies

Yeah, dont get me wrong you can have fun, they just lack things that the major nations have that make the lineups complete

Not true. This game has actual ruzzian bias. The existence isn’t even up for debate.

You are debating it right now, with me.

I need someone at gaijin to try and use this

lineup and get above a 55% wr. It’s not possible. I then want them to play ruzzia 12.0 grb, and report back there wr% for lets say 15 matches.

Edit: No squading up. It’d skew wr% results.

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I’ve gotten to the point that I wish I was killed. That way I wouldn’t have the compulsion to play this game.

Who do I @ to get to read this channel? They need to fix their fucking game.