12.0 air shouldnt face anything else but other 12.0

After many battle with my Viggen D it start to be so annoying that i need to face a jets that are so much better then mine, even is i fully spade it. And i know that after the update it will be even worse to play with newer better F-16s and Mig-29s.


I honestly agree. Planes like the F4J are not competitive at the BR they’re at and get stomped every single time they face mig29’s and f-16’s. Either Gaijin moves the BR cap up and those top tier vehicles along with it to decrompress the BR range and make it easier for everyone, or Gaijin removes the max BR deviation (1.0 in this case) that you’re allowed to have in a match, meaning that you would only face planes of your own BR (example, 10.7 only fights 10.7).

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yeah especially the F-16C and MiG-29SMT. Those two have no business literally ever fighting anything short of 12.0

As any other BR should not face anything than their own BR ???

Stop it please,…

A lot of this would be slightly resolved by simply decreasing the MM BR to 0.7 as well. The SAAB 37 Viggen is state of the art Circa 1967, and the D model isn’t meant for dog fighting entirely. The problem is that they are neglecting the NATO weapon systems. The D model was upgraded for BVR fighting and was armed with AIM-120s.

It is well known in this day and age, that if you are close enough to dog fight, you messed something up. Most engagements end long before you see each other. But the JA37D isn’t fulfilling its roll since it is lacking its good armament. Its a BVR capable airframe, that isn’t being allowed its BVR roll.

The Mig 29 is also vastly over performing vs IRL.

The F-16 has a 92:13 kill/loss ratio in combat. That is 7 enemies downed for every 1 loss.

The F-14 is 135-4-4. That is 34 kills for every 1 F14 loss.

The F-15 is 102 - 0 in combat. No losses and 102 kills.

The Mig 21 is 240 - 501. 2 Migs shot down for every 1 kill in combat.

The Mig 23 is 25 - 102. 4 Migs shot down for every 1 kill in combat.

The Mig 29 is 6 - 18. 3 Migs shot down for every 1 kill in combat.

Point is the Mig sucks IRL, but is artificially boosted in game. They struggle badly to perform in combat and lose the majority of engagements.

Migs IRL are incapable of shooting down an F16, and it is even worse if you compare the F15 to any Migs. Their is one false claim of it happening, but that F16 was reportedly in a crash in the USA that same day, no where near the claimed incident happened.

Reality is, the Migs don’t stand a chance if things were modeled correctly.

Don’t know what you’re trying to say

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The problem is that 11.0-11.3 jets are being power crept hard.

Even in a game where it’s only 2-3 top tier jets they can still clap you easily. And its only going to get worse with the new addition of 12.0 jets.

Gaijin refuses to decompress the BR’s for aircraft. Tanks are one thing because a 10.0 can still do well in an 11.7 game on the ground but air is a different story.

I mean for instance the F1C’s at 11.3 have Pulse guided radar missiles - and it isn’t really modeled accurately because they flip out whenever 1 chaff gets popped. So you’re one long range missile can be defeated easily.

The other issue is that if they see 10.3’s they usually clap them. However that being said. You almost NEVER see a downtier in an 11.3 jet. In all the games of my F1C I have maybe literally only seen like 10 games out of 200+.


Idk what you are doing in your Viggen D, but it is very much capable of handling 12.0. It has the airframe, and missiles to do so with no real problems.

If you are going from Viggen C to D, im pretty sure you just don’t like the top tier gameplay. Which is very understandable, but Viggen D sits perfectly fine in the current meta at 12.0.

They should try using the Tornado GR.1

Not familiar with that aircraft, but there is certainly need for some decompression. However the angle OP comes from seems rooted in something else. Like even Viggen C can handle 12.0 fine, mostly suffering due to lack of flares really (edit:quantity of flares). Sure you lose the 9L, but it does not change a ton with the RB 71 (DF) being how you get the easy kills.

for the F1C I either just ran 3x2000lbs + 2 MM2s or 3 530Es and 2 MM2s since the SARH was pointless cuz of the seekers tbh

on a more related note to the convo though I think OP is just not as proficient in his aircraft as he could be with a tad more experience; decompression is necessary but it’s also not like the aircraft at 11.0+ can’t handle top tier (with some exceptions, planes like the 104S, EJ and the likes can definitely struggle a bit and planes like the F1C are just really mid compared to the competition). A higher cap like 13.0 for example and general decompression would help, but even right now I don’t think 11.Xs are unplayable in the face of 12.0s either.