11.7 is not fun at all

Just unlocked top tier tanks such as the CV90120, 122A and PLSS which are great tanks. Up until now the balance between AA and air has been fairly balanced (except for the occasional AMX dropping GBUs from 12km, but that one will go up in BR anyways soon).

In the first 100 games I played I died within minutes to Ka-52 or Su-25SM3, in fact half our entire team is usually gone after the first two minutes thanks to this. At the same time I am trying to shoot down aicraft lobbing missiles outside of my AA range (ItO 90m) or even engage enemy aircraft/counterCAS using the JAS39 but I die instatly to the pantsir after spawning (even if I straight up nose dive and pop flares/chaff), I feel completely outarmed and its the first time I go from 60-70% wr on my tanks down to 30% (because - drumroll - I actually never die to enemy tanks???). Also, why wont gaijin reduce the spawn point cost for aircraft if you have a fully anti air loadout only? This shit is starting to feel like when I tried to unlock missiles on the MiG21-F13 (HORRIBLE).

Apart from my obvious lack of skill issue, how can I start winning without switching nation?


The Ka-52 is SPAA food, all SPAA easily kills it.
Su-25SM3 isn’t even top 20 CAS, not top 10 if you combine duplicate CAS; it is strong for what it is though.

AKA you go straight in like a drone.
Turn perpendicular, stay above 8000 meters altitude, stay above 0.9 mach, and 12km away from Pantsir and you’ll never die to Pantsir.

As for not being seen by aircraft: Trees, buildings, dead tanks. Move in the open, stop near cover.


That’s why I play arcade ground… Wish there was an RB version of arcade ground, would partially fix this problem

Sadly u wont see Helis push your spawn first minutes of start of the game as much as ka-50-52, sometimes they shred the whole team and set most of your team onfire untill someone spawn with an spaa just to shoot it down, and the Su-25SM3 is just somekind of bs honestly, 4 missiles shoot and forget 2 more guided, can stay away from SPAAs range and kill them easily it’s completely unfair of them adding it at this moment (i ain’t even saying this, most of the people used this said the same thing, it’s completely broken and unfair also).


Yup. You could always get the magic Russian AA. Those are clearly balanced, as soon as they spawn their aircraft you can just shoot them down!

They don’t want to fix these issues. There isn’t any benefits for them to do so. They like having angry people who will spend more money in the pursuit of trying to survive in a virtual world.

You mean the SPAA that can’t kill CAS like all the others?
Your CAS defense is hilarious.

Also they are fixing the issue of CAS that you defend so much, development takes time.

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Your cas defense is hilarious “just don’t fly within 12km of the battlefield” “the cas plane with the best agms actually isn’t good because… uh… it not go fast???”

Best AGMs means nothing if it can’t get to altitude as fast as the meta CAS platforms.
CAS is OP and has been since laser-guided bombs were added.

and pantsir is op since it can counter every CAS.

Pantsir is as OP as ITO-90M is.
Pantsir is bad compared to the CAS it faces, CAS is unkillable by it.

pantsir missile can easily catch a target, while ADATS missile for an example it starts shaking because of the constant nerfs it got for the past years, also it gets 30mm while ITO-90M doesn’t.

Pantsir missile misses all jet targets beyond 12km going mach 1 at an angle.
Pantsir S1 was added with said “nerf” and all other SPAA got to enjoy their arcade maneuverability a bit longer while Pantsir and 2S6 were correct for an entire update.
30mm won’t help you against smart CAS, that has even less range.

Pantsir S1 can shoot down every CAS ingame +15km away.
Pantsir S1 is the only capable SPAA except ITO-90M to counter the latest Su-25SM3 while he can easily shoot down its missile with 30mm gun and its 8 missiles.
Pantsir S1 and strela, one of them control top tier, the other control 10.0.
30mm won’t do much yes but u still got 8 best anti-air missiles in the game.

i’ve got the ADATS for years now i don’t enjoy it much when i see a Su-25SM3 aiming at me and launching while i can’t do much but try to hide but oops it’s slow ash.

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No, Pantsir can shoot down helicopters and drones [and jets that act like drones] from 15km away.
Pantsir cannot shoot down jet CAS from 12+km away, and you’re more than welcome to get in your alleged Pantsir and try it against me.

Better Su-25SM3 has been in the game for 2 years in all other tech trees. You just didn’t notice.

Guys pls, stop arguing and do a comparison
lets say for example, a Jas39-A at various ranges, speeds and altitudes, and you in the ITO-90m, ladies__Man in the Pantsir, it won’t take days, just a few hours.

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not even hours for me in the pantsir, i can easy detect the gripen and lock him.

Got ur point, but look man
Hes not going to believe it unless u proved it to him

I only have Pantsir cause I stopped grinding SPAA when GBUs got CCIP.
I knew CAS was going to be unkillable from the dev server alone, so why bother grinding for useless stuff?
The only reason I have Pantsir to begin with is cause it was the last Soviet vehicle for me to get.

ITO-90M and TOR-M1 have higher-G easier to control missiles.
F-14B, F-16C, Tornadoes, Gripens, etc all superior to Su-25SM3 and all other Soviet CAS.

You keep defending Russian equipment and insulting all NATO fans.

Soviets have never had the best CAS in WT, stop defending Soviets with lies.

So yeah, I bet you’d never shoot me down in your Pantsir. Easy bet since I haven’t unintentionally died to a Pantsir in the history of its existence.
And the only reason you’d say no is cause you already know the results involve your vehicle’s death.

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