100 of these games needed to get 1 single vehicle

just literaly 15 more of these to get a tank unlocked yay.
Its nut not good and all these premium players are living a great life meanwhile i get 1000 rp for a great game. (i am almost dying of 20 different brain diseases)

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all the extra rp goes to convertible that ofc you have to pay to use

I still don’t understand the idea of convertible RP? like what’s the point of it if I need to pay

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you are using rank 3 to research rank 5 so you get less rp for it maybe start using rank 4 as you would have gotten nearly 3k rp if you hadnt used rank 3

  1. As pointed out you are getting less RP by grinding vehicles using tanks 2 or more tiers below. In this case you should use rank 4 vehicles
  2. Rank 4 has generally bit higher multipliers than rank 3 so you will get some additional RP
  3. You will get even more RP by unlocking all modifications for various vehicles
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Yup, welcome to hell…

I see you use a Tier III vehicle to grind a Tier V, this is not ideal, since it makes the RP earnings really low
Plus, I see you’re researching the BMP-1, but have you got the BTR-80A? It’s gonna be required to get the BMP…

Now, open a spreadsheet and note the time where a game ended and the remaining RP for your next tank
Plot a line and see how many days of game you need for the next one…
At my very best, with premium account and vehicle (At 7.0) I manage to go 50kRP/hour… Which means around something 10-15kRP/hour without anything paid… which shows up how wicked economics are in this software…

You will get 60% more RP if you use higher rank.


Rank difference research penalties Rank difference Research of high-ranked vehicles while using low-ranked vehicles Research of low-ranked vehicles while using high-ranked vehicles
0 No penalty No penalty
1 No penalty -10%
2 -60% -70%
3 -70% -90%
4 -80% -95%
5 -80% -95%
6 -80% -95%
7 -80% -95%

not true tho most rank 4 tanks have less than 200% so no not nearly 3k at all because the tank i was using has 154%

also i used the t44 100 and is3 and so on to get this vehicle most of the games i get like 1.5 - 2k rp

my brain is dying

stop using using rank 3 to research rank 5 if you want to gain as much as possible

Why are you complaining about a long time grind for a Tier V vehicle, if you are still not using Tier IV ones? The way you are going, you will be researching Tier VI vehicles with Tier IV ones.
If you want to play lower tiers, switch your nation where you can research your vehicles with the full efficiency and not the 60% penalty like you have here.

I myself got some brain tumors now grinding for weeks/month single vehicles in rank VI, matches with rank V vehicles are too hard for me, and I ended up playing rank IV mostly and assault sometimes.

Thanks Gaijin for make me a WT crack head, struggling to get little RPs.

Let me e-hug you, I feel your pain, you’re not alone.