10,5 cm LG 40 auf Vk 3.01

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I would like to suggest the 3rd Variant of the Vk 3.01 beyon the standart ammo and material transport and AT Rolle with 5 cm Pak 38 L/60 aka. Pzsfl. Ia in form of the Infantry Support variant armed with a 10,5 cm LG 40, a recoilless gun.

In game this vehicle would be a fun little TD with thin armor and moderat mobility, but also high firepower in form of only CE rounds and the ability to lob them over hills combined with a bit faster reload speed.
Wether it comes combined with the 5 cm Pak variant in TT, premium or Event is open, but either way they would make a good duo fighting range and close combat against the lightest and heavyest of targets. A similar gun, just 15 cm is allready on the swedish TD.

While the 5 cm Pak 38 armed one was as stated in its own suggestion a different attempt to develop a mobile AT platform with allready in production parts, this vehicle is similar, to such extend that it was also denied for the same reasons, outdated and better alternative.

It was to be a infantry support variant with a big (10,5 cm) armarment, which proofen somewhat difficult on such a small chassis (3 ton), as such a limited traverse rotating turret armed with a recoilless gun and open back for the escaping gasses.

The story of the basevehicle Vk (Vollketten) 301 a fully tracked armored ammo transport vehicle. Capable of carrying 500kg of storage in a bin in the back and 500 kg more in an additional trailer. This vehicle was requested in 1937 by In 6 Waffenamt.

But with the resulting Vk 301 wasnt the In 6 satisfied. So Borgward build based on the additional requrements the inproved new version the Vk 302. It was approved for production and Borgward instructed to build 400 vehicles but only fewer than 50 were ever build by 1944 all were lost in combat.


While the 10,5 cm LG 40 armed version was however sadly not completed, instead only half and mockup.
The hull was modified to fit the vehicle and its Mock up gunshield and gun, which was put into production for the Paratroopers to have a strong gun against Infantry, structures and Tanks all while light weight and small.

Different to the standart Vk 3.01 is the removal of the 2nd passenger and replacing the space with ammo storage (just like on the 5 cm Pak 38 armed) including a hatch from the back to the ammo,
redesigning of the back half and engine compartment, removing the big Bins at the back to create space for the 2 crew members, gun and shield.
So while it is a Mock up gun and gunshield, the vehicle itself is still unique.

These photos where during further modification of the vehicle and the blocked off 2nd crewmember visor in the hull is only visible on a later picture. Overall it was similar in construction to the 5 cm Pak 38 version. The same (and some more) modifications are also on the 5 cm Pak variant, which was a full prototype, as such that can also be taken as reference for the internal stucture.

Pictures:(Click to show)




(This last one is of the 5 cm Pak, but the 10,5 has the same, but maybe bigger door. otherwise they are very similar)

Pictures of the Gun:(Click to show)


The Gun:
10,5 cm LG 40 L/13
-15° to + 42° Elevation 80° Traverse each side (possibly more for this vehicle)
The rounds were the same as for the Howitzers, however no kinetic rounds, as the velocity is lower (a bit lower than the LeFH 16 L/22)
Ill be only naming the 3 gameplay wise interesting ones, the other are just other versions.

Ammo:(Click to show)

F.H.Gr 41 HE (No tracer) 14,81 kg 1,785 Kg Fp.02 and Np.10 (2,28 Kg TnTa) 380 m/s


Gr. 39 HL/C HEAT (No tracer) 12,35 kg 420 m/s 2,53 kg filler aquivalent 115mm/all


F.H.Gr 41 Nb Smoke (No tracer) 14,81 kg 380 m/s

(I couldnt find the 41, but the 38 is also used and similar, however the 41 is 40g lighter and would fit in better with the name.)

The Vehicle:
Based on Vk 3.01
Total weight, battle-ready 4.5 tonnes
Crew 3 (Commander/Gunner, Loader, and Driver)
Propulsion Borgward 6 M 2.3 RTBV 55 hp @ 3600 rpm
Max. Road Speed 30 km/h
Operational range 200 km
Primary Armament 10,5 cm LG 40 L/13 25+ rounds (in the hull)
Elevation -15° to +42°
Hull Armor 6.5-14,5 mm
Superstructure Armor 6-14,5 mm

Merkbl.geh. 28/1
Geschossringbuch II
Munition der LG 40 und LG 42
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German Spj! Looks fun +1