10,5 cm leFH 18/6 L/28 auf Waffenträger IVb Heuschrecke 10

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I would like to suggest the 10,5 cm LeFH 18/6 auf Waffenträger IVb Heuschrecke 10.

It is an Geschützwagen III/IV, similar to the Nashorn and Hummel, but instead of an big open fighting compartment, it retains more of the Pz IV hull, beeing equipped with an open top turret with 360° traverse and an 10,5 cm LeFH 18/6 L/28.

It was designed in 1942 by Krupp-Grusonwerke and construction started in June 1943 on the basis of the Hummel. The whole development was a competition with Alket Rheinmetall-Borsig.

Sources state that 1 to 3 were build and 1 surviving example is still in existence, beeing in restored condition at the US Army Fort Sill in Oklahoma.

The idea behind the vehicles, where to have an mobile self propelled 10,5 cm LeFH, which could be fired from the vehicle or dismounted as a static or towed gun. For this reason it also had an hydraulic lifting framework that swung upright into position and could be used to lift up the turret and place it behind the hull, so that the hull itself could also be used as an ammo carrier. After a long development and worsening war situation with the ever growing need of materials and normal Pz IVs, it was decided to abandon the Waffenträger IVb and settle instead for the more cheaper Wespe.

Why i would like to see it in game: It is a rather unique vehicle, mounting an quite good and fun gun, which is currently only found on the StuH 42 G, but instead of thick armor, this vehicle will be only lightly protected (30mm) but instead have an 360° turret while also beeing more mobile. It will add another fun slightly derpy gun to the lower brs, which can in return be an helping hand in case of uptiers, beeing overall similar (yet a bit better) like the japanese Chi-Ha SG

Pictures:(Click to show)


Waffenträger IVb Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H)6.57 m x 2.9 m x 2.65 m

Weight 17,3t

Crew5 (commander, driver, gunner, 2x loaders)

Engine: Maybach HL 120TRM 12-cylinder water cooled gasoline/petrol engine, 300 Ps

Fuel capacity 360 liters

Top road speed 43-45 km/h

Operational range (road) 225 km

Main Armament 10,5 cm leFH 18/6 howitzer with 87 rounds

Hull Armor Front 30 mm
Sides and Rear 16 mm – 20 mm

Turret Armor Front 30 mm
Sides and Rear 15 mm

Total built1 or 3

The Gun is the 10,5 cm LeFH 18/6, it is performance wise identical to the normal one and to the in game StuH 42, but adapted for turret mounting.

10,5 cm 10 sec reload (aced) -10° to +40° and 360° traverse at 15°/sec

87 rounds of Aphe, He and Heat (and by british source also Apcbc Pzgr Rot)

Pzgr. Aphe 14 kg 480 m/s 238g (304,64g aquivalent) filler 72mm/10m


Pzgr. Rot Apcbc 15,56 kg 470 m/s 250g (357,5g) 84mm/10m


F.H. Gr. He 14,81 kg 472 m/s 1,75 kg filler Fp.02 und Np.10 (2,24 kg TnTa)


Gr. 39 Rot Hl/B Heat 12,35 kg 495 m/s 2,53 kg filler aquivalent 105mm/all


Gr. 39 Rot Hl/C Heat 12,35 kg 495 m/s 2,53 kg filler aquivalent 115mm/all


F.H.Gr. F He 14,81 kg 540 m/s 2,21 kg filler Fp.02 und Np.10 (2,83 kg TnTa)


F.H. Gr. Nb. Smoke 14 kg 480 m/s 50g smokestuff dont expect much


And optionally

10,5 / 7,5 cm Pzgr. 39 TS ApcbcDS 6,4 kg 765 m/s 17g H.10 138mm/10m



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Honestly surprised this isn’t in-game yet. +1

I really don’t like WOT but this is one of my fav vehicles in WOT, I’ve wished it was in WT for a while now

Was going to suggest this, +1 support

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Updated Ammo List. New Pics and info.